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Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

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  • Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

    TinSoldier just like the topic says, where are all the atomic bases? I know Digital Age is to be released, perhaps even as early as tomorrow, but it’s not out yet, so why can’t we still abuse atomics? At least a heads up would be nice.

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    Dudes up in HQ been sniffing glue I guess.
    Just spent 15 minutes trying to find porcelain and only 2 bases I found were 280+

    Must be some good glue 🤪


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      Guess the server-side change was completed beforehand thus causing (a) a short down time and (b) Space Age NTG shortages

      I vaguely remember this happening for the Space Age release too. And who can forget the unannounced AR-is-now-suddenly-on-steriods server-side change... good times


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        Yep now its permanent get ready to spend 800-1800 crown per war to arm coalitions going to be great so great they gave us that taste early


        • King Crimson
          King Crimson commented
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          Just skip some wars. Do 1 a week or 1 a fortnight from now on.
          Start enjoying your previous life again.

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        I won’t spend a single crown or a penny on ntgs, ever. I’d rather skip few wars, or not do wars at all than having to pay for it.


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          Again we can see the amazing communication to the players community about changes.


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            Likely this change is part of the instability currently in the game. Had my war attack time out and lost 2/5 stars thanks to this.

            Can’t bhg just schedule in an hours downtime, give us a warning in game it’s coming to get this stuff done? It’s not hard to do these things the right way by your customers.


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              No they can’t. They are working so hard every day to deliver digital age in the well known quality that there is no time left for such communications. People have to write passages for event descriptions and historical lessons. There is no place for trivial customer information,


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                sponge getting ntgs will be almost impossible for Japan Greek Chinese and Korea won't matter how many wars your out if your running level 8 coalitions


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                  In preparation for Digital Age, we began altering the targets you'll find in PvP matchmaking. A note about it just went live in game. You can find the information below:

                  "The highest age in DomiNations has traditionally been able to attack not only against rivals their own age, but two ages down as well. As we prepare for the release of Digital Age later this month, we are adjusting the Space Age to briefly have a smaller pool of players to target: Cold War Age and other Space Age bases. (Digital Age targets will automatically be added to the pool of opponents after its release.) Please keep in mind, that this may adjust the additional bonuses you would expect to see when attacking other players.

                  When Digital Age is released, it will be able to raid Cold War Age and Space Age bases for resources – so be sure to bolster your defenses today!"
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                  • _Zod_
                    _Zod_ commented
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                    Have fragment victory rewards changed?

                  • McGregor
                    McGregor commented
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                    If I upgrade right now to Space Age, will the matchmaking give me Atomic Ages to fight or it will not go below Cold War ?

                    **And more important, wiIl it do later after Digital Age will be implemented in game ?**
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                  • Saruman the White
                    Saruman the White commented
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                    Allow me to disagree with this kind of strategy. When I was Atomic I was forced to defend both CWA and Space Age players. This is highly unfair. As for the pool of players you could easily have a solution by removing that unnecessary XP level pre-requisite for Age Advancement which has raised more problems than it has solved

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                  Well, communicating after implementing is one way. Communicating in advance is a better way.


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                    Originally posted by domas View Post
                    Well, communicating after implementing is one way. Communicating in advance is a better way.
                    I regret it as well.


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                      This is a really poor decision. It really has taken a lot of the fun out of the game for me. Part of the fun is to just be able to loot and screw around with attacks on easy bases when not warring. It is annoying to have to keep hitting the next button to just find a somewhat easy base to attack. Changes like these have me seriously putting the game down. I hope you adjust the ability for space age bases to be able to attack more than just CW, SA, & in the future DA bases. It makes more sense to use the medal count system. At least that way you can drop medals every so often to enjoy the game in another way. Thank you.


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                        Folks in my alliance who are SA have commented on this in the last few days. Many of whom haven’t been online in a day or two, whereas normally they’re on every day. Feels a bit like a ghost town as a consequence of this change


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                          It’s been challenging for me as a new space age base. I went up in the rush a couple weeks ago. I was able to use atomic raiding plus free crowns and speed ups to get through most of the initial big oil things (2x factory, airstrip, HT mk8 and middle silo). And even though I knew access to atomics would end soon, MP is much more challenging now. While I could raid for hours on end before, I am now frequently losing a plane or HT or two now that puts an end to my gameplay. Challenge is fine but with nothing else to do in game it seems kinda silly to make it so challenging you are forcing players to logout while waiting for retrains


                          • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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                            Quite frankly, this game is not much fun anymore. Realistically, everything takes so long to build in late game that my own production provides more than enough between 16+ day builds, and my own amped up defense is adequate to defend it 98% of the time. The only reason to log in are for NTG'S but since I dropped wars that incentive is not there, let's not even mention how horrifically unbalanced the nation distribution in late game is.

                            Basically this game has become an excruciatingly slow and small scale SimCity Buildit with a smidge of frustrating combat thrown in. Yet somehow the braintrust is fine with this because every update pushes things further down this path.

                          • Dvicious
                            Dvicious commented
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                            Yeah the pace of production is fine for keeping up with building upgrades. But if I had any regret it would be to have ground out a few more of the big oil uni leaders before going SA. My plan of finishing selasie any time soon is now gone.