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War Museum, Uni research and premium TT need to be fully factored in war weight

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    I would far prefer that the war weighting system be fixed so that I don’t end up in a match where I’m #6 and a newbie in Atomic Age and my base is trampled by an opponent’s #11 that’s in Space Age than I am with adding weight to museum artifacts or troop tactics (I assume these aren’t factored in to war weight—I assume uni research is).

    I enjoy having the hidden advantage of my museum artifacts and my uni research. I feel it’s a nice counterweight to those people who don’t bother to understand the power of university research. I have outright defeated or denied stars to a great many opponents that are 20+ levels above me in wars. Uni research and museum bonuses are a huge part of how I’ve pulled that off. Ditto with getting attacking stars against bases above my level.

    I would make the argument that part of the “reward” for someone who spends so much time and resources for “Hold the Gates” should be that it doesn’t count towards war weight—or at least not very much.


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      I have yet to hear how troop tactics would be factored into war weight when you can have varying numbers, levels, and types of them sitting around in storage that you may or may not deploy in any given war, and which often won't even be chosen until after matchmaking is done. Does someone with 100 unused troop tactics get a higher war weight than someone with 50? Does a higher level troop tactic add more war weight even if you never use it during your entire career in the game?

      The comparison someone made to normal troop upgrades adding to war weight regardless of your actual army composition only goes so far. There are far fewer different types of normal troops than there are troop tactics, and players who have upgraded certain troops are highly likely to actually use them, so it's reasonable to include upgraded troops in war weight. The same is not true for troop tactics, since the game encourages collecting and hoarding as many as you can, so amassing a lot of them doesn't mean that any specific ones (e.g., premium TTs) are likely to be used in any given war.


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        they can't add weight for TTs, that is true. But they can factor museum benefits. Maybe it can be done in layers.
        If a certain benefit is from 0% - 20% then low war weight
        If a certain benefit is from 21% - 40% then medium war weight
        If a certain benefit is from 41% - 60% then high war weight
        If a certain benefit is above 61% then then very high war weight
        Add them up to find a total war weight and factor that to the existing war weight from defensive buildings and offence done.
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          One more way to measure defense accurately is to weight the "total" hp/damage of a defensive building instead of its level.

          For example: having a mortar with base damage 100 + 30 from Uni + 70 from Museum = 200, should weight more than someone with the same level mortar at the base value 100.

          Collectively this is to reduce the chance of match-ups where one team is considerably stronger than the other.


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            Looks like it will be all visible once you completed the uni research.

            TT can't be weight in war who says there used. if I get a premium TT thru a event my war weight shouldn't go up.

            Museum can't be war weight it can be changed during war day. What card are you going to put up as war weight. For example I have 20 cards where I only researched the first line are you putting them all in for war weight?

            Uni can't be changed and is allways there. And was in the understanding it was allready put up as war weight.

            Just my thoughts.

            Even without spending crowns you can have a decent museum
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