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  • You have been banned?

    log on for my second war attack as the co leader and account banned for “suspicious activity “ what does that even mean. Been playing this game for years now this crap? What is this about? I’m 1 in war with a crucial attack remaining player I’d is 26450402

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    Suspicious activity=cheating/hacking. Yawn~


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      Originally posted by JustAnotherPlayer View Post
      Suspicious activity=cheating/hacking. Yawn~
      not always. people have been banned before for using stag lures
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        What a wonderful world.


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          I think one of the reasons it takes so long to ban cheaters is because each accusation has to be thoroughly investigated - as pckrn mentioned above, people have been mistakenly banned in the past so now the devs have to be especially thorough


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            So devs weren't thorough when they banned thread starter? *sips from my mug of coffee


            • Rogue Squirrel
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              I guess I've condemned OP by implication

              But maybe the devs made a mistake on this occasion too.....

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            You can also get a temporary ban for accidentally making a 1ish second war attack due to network connectivity problems. How a system can log an attack as 1 second, despite containing the data to create an accurate replay that takes multiple minutes, is borderline crazy. That and them (CS) keeping the ban in place after presenting this evidence.... truly frustrating.


            • BeerMan
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              Yes, and from what I can tell this is an automatic trigger. They don't do any investigation in this case, they just give you a 1 or 3 day ban. I have seen this happen to players in my alliance before. Not fair to label these people "cheaters."

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            Happy to investigate what happened here. I'll send you a private message to follow up, King Roland
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