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Can’t find my alliance

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  • Can’t find my alliance

    I recently left my alliance to go ‘recruiting’. I joined an alliance with a similar origin as our and joined with a view to talk about joining together. When I went to leave and search for my original alliance, I couldn’t find it.. I tried changing the medals and glory settings but I still couldn’t find it. I left the 2nd alliance but bookmarked it.. and it would seem I’m able to join back if I wanted too.. but not my original alliance (which was not bookmarked).

    Where is it? Is there a 24 hr rule where I can not find the alliance after I leave? If so, how come I can join back to the 2nd alliance!? I’m very confused lol

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    Yes there is a 24 hour rule


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      My understanding was that the 24 hour period applied if you were kicked, not left on your own - you should still be able to see, or find, the alliance.

      Otherwise are you sure about spelling or any special characters in the name. 😉

      The only other item I can think about is that the alliance name was changed after you left.

      Good of luck finding your way home.