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  • Hello Muet... War weight

    Hello Muet, realizing that you’re busy, could you please communicate with us why it’s taking so long to fix the war weight bug. What progress have you made and is it actively being worked on? Truthfully, this bug has made war matchmaking extremely frustrating. Many alliances, especially in the top levels are seeing ridiculous war matching now. It’s to the point where players just give up even before the war starts. This in turn causes players to become demotivated or simply quit the game. It also must be hitting your revenues bottom line as many are spending less.

    It seems like this bug has been going on for a long time. Please communicate with us as to why a concentrated effort to fix this immediately hasn’t been done. Talk to us. I’m sure I speak for many of us. We really need the lines of communication open up about this. Give us some hope and a real time table.

    Its time to put this awful bug to bed. Awaiting your response and thank you, Dradis
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    Agreed. So far War weight is all over the place.

    In out current War, Space Age account level 260+ sitting at #2 behind CWA 220+ who's at #1

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      Yes, the war weight line up order is broken but the real problem is the war matching. Fair wars are a thing of the past and need fixing immediately.
      My Game ID is Dradis


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        War ordering used to be based on defense only ... does that sort out the war order mismatches some are seeing? We have some higher aged rushed bases sitting below lower aged maxed bases.


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          It absolutely can be an annoyance to see your Alliance's War lineup in a different order than expected. The team has identified the fix, and will be making the corrections with an upcoming release.
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          • {[Fresh]}Kratos
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            Please make sure the perk 3 war base bug also gets finally fixed... it's been almost half year now! 3 slots is a big difference...

          • SomeRandomPlayer
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            Excellent news!

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          TinSoldier, will this also fix the really bad war matching? That is the main problem.
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            Something needs to be done fast. For a none spending alliance its impossible to compete with those that have bought expensive legendary war artifacts, used plethoras of crowns to re-roll artifacts to ridiculous values and spent more money buying exclusive troop tactics. The latest artifact, Gemini Gloves is so overpriced its laughable. What happened with legendary war artifacts as rewards for finishing events or as trades with Marco? In my opinion the game is on life support. It´s been a long time since it was fun. Im basically still here just because of all the great people still playing this game.

            Then we have all the glitches, bugs, server problems and the obvious cheaters and whole cheating alliances that never seems to be taken seriously. Not to mention that every update just seems to make the game even more unplayable. The lagging is still not fixed for example. I know you can do better than this Nexon, it may not be too late to take a step in the right direction. The clock is ticking though.


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              I totally agree about the lag during war attacks. Never seem to have problems during MP, only war.
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                helix900 Yeah, I haven't seen a video game glove this overpriced and so blatantly hamfisted pay-to-win since at least 1990. 10 tiers and $182?

                Bravo for raising the bar I guess. Or is that lowering it? I can't even tell anymore.
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                • helix900
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                  HAHAHA!! indeed! How do they come up with these prices anway? The game started to go downhill after the war museum and for every one of these sales it just gets steeper. Pay2win at it´s worst.
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                Muet, would still like to hear from you.
                My Game ID is Dradis