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  • Defender spawn time

    Is there a max percentage of defender spawn time that someone could get from the museum? Like theoretically could someone get to 100% spawn time and just have defenders spewing out 24/7?

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    the limit is 2s for first wave and 10s for next wave
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      In addition, 85% is the max for this (not 100%) -- granted how that's all determined (and exactly what things have this max limitation) are not clear but at least it means 100% is not a thing here.


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        85 percentage is usable so say you have 100% negitve spawn time and the attacker has 50%+ you end up with 50%- on the attack against you plus another 20% if you have hold the gates if say you have 100% -0have 120% they cancel your whole museum plus your hold the gates 85% is max vs 0 meaning your spawn time would stay positive by 15% of the original time