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    Thanks for the table Cannibals, is that what you’re experiencing in game tho? I’m getting something different...

    Today, I’m showing San Fran (2 workers, 21hrs+, for 1 demo squad, 30 explorer guys), Kure (3 workers, nearly 2 days for 1 ww2 zero, 80 pink ladies), Melbourne (2 workers, 11hrs for 1 air blessing, 30 supplies). For supplies at least, it’s definitely MUCH slower, and requires 1-2 more workers than it used to before the upgrade.

    I have chapter 5 of shipping (level 9 at the library) so I should need minus 1 worker vs the standard rate...


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      Haha, don’t worry guys n girls, it doesn’t matter that the dock needs (much) more time and (far) more workers to get supplies since the upgrade... Nexon are offering me a special purchase... 2,800 supplies for (only) $38.99... Everything is alright with the world (or back to being predictable anyhow hehe)


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        Melbourne showing as
        1x air blessing, 30x supplies, for 2 workers, 10hrs 48 mins... so anybody without the library research needs 3x workers to get 30 supplies???
        I'm sure that this used to be 1 worker before... no?


        • Cannibals
          Cannibals commented
          Editing a comment
          Melbourne used to be 0 supplies and 2 workers with the bonus.