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  • Atomic age artifices

    Hi just wondering if any one had a formula to the best artifacts to use,and how many.

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    how many to use: as many as it will let you.

    best artifacts:

    weapon: fighter buffs and enemy spawn debuffs are useful no matter what army composition you use. others depend on what you use like do you use or plan to use paratroopers or ht etc.

    jewelry when you log on: enemy defense debuffs, towers and antiair in particular, help you get the better Domination bonus (as well as better league boat and victory chests). or you can just go for looted rss increase.

    jewelry when you log off: looted rss refund. if you get this, then you dont need any armour artifacts or defensive pottery or defensive weapon artifacts.

    pottery when you collect from wells: oil from oil wells

    pottery when you collect from vault: vault interest buff

    pottery when you do oil research in library: library oil cost decrease

    war equipment: ones with a lot of all defensive towers, or all enemy defensive towers, or defender spawn time, or enemy defender spawn time.
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      Thx Pckrn for the info appreciated.