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Summer for the Ages 2019!

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  • Summer for the Ages 2019!

    Summer for the Ages is coming soon!
    Click image for larger version

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    From 14:00 UTC 6/24/19 - 14:00 UTC 8/26/19 you’ll be able to find progressive discounts as we move through the Ages. Each Age will receive its own 'feature period' when the discounts apply. Classical Age's feature period is one week long (from 6/24 - 7/1) while all other Ages are two week periods, sharing time with the Age before and the Age after. Expect the Classical & Medieval upgrades to be available one week, followed by the Medieval/Gunpowder split week, and then the Gunpowder/Enlightenment feature week, and so on.

    Please note: While the discounts for each age takes place for 2 weeks, the instant upgrade for the Town Center to move out of that age takes place during the final week. The discounts this year are steeper the first week they are available, and then cool off when the next Age's discounts are introduced. Be sure to check each post (when information becomes available) as well as in-game messages. For example:

    7/1 - 7/8/19 is the Medieval and Gunpowder overlap week.
    Upgrade instantly from Medieval Age to Gunpowder Age this week!
    It's the last chance for Medieval Age discounts, and nearly all building upgrades are 35% off.
    It's the first time discounts are available for Gunpowder Age, so nearly all building upgrades are 40% off.

    Be sure to check the discount list carefully! You don't need to be in the age shown to have building discounted if it's the proper level. Plan accordingly!

    In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing production bonuses and other fun events for the summer, so be sure to follow us on all of our social channels for the latest updates and announcements.

    Advance with us each week to see the new discounts. Make this summer one for the ages!

    Classical (6/24 - 7/1):
    Medieval (6/24 - 7/8):
    Gunpowder (7/1 - 7/15):
    Enlightenment (7/8 - 7/22):
    Industrial (7/15 - 7/29):
    Global (7/22 - 8/5):
    Atomic (7/29 - 8/12):
    Cold War (8/5 - 8/19):
    Space (8/12 - 8/26):

    Play Now!
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    Hehe first person!
    I hope the upgrade time will be shorten as well 😋
    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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      Que bom, o tempo das atualização precisam diminuir nesses eventos ou do contrario não poderemos aproveitar bem.


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        Medieval Age here I come!!!! (account #3)

        Global Age here I come!!!! (account #2)

        My #1 Lord Stark account will be staying as CWA until Winter of Ages.

        Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


        • Saruman the White
          Saruman the White commented
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          Good strategy! Although advancing to Space Age now is very tempting for me, I can't deny this

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        A few quick thoughts:

        If you are global, I wouldn't even consider rushing to Atomic unless you are well on your way with lots of oil upgrades complete. If you go to Atomic, you will get SLAMMED by CWA and Space age bases, and getting oil will be more difficult.

        Also, as global, you get a great oil bonus for getting 5 stars on Atomic, and there are tons of terrible atomic bases out there. You also get 70 museum fragments.

        Global is a great place to hang out and get those planes, bazooka, HT, bunkers, silo, etc. To get those as upgraded as possible. To finish huge chunks of Amelia and Selassie.

        I would say Industrial and Global are the best places to take 6 months and really upgrade hard. Atomic is a really rough spot right now.


        • sponge
          sponge commented
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          When CWA was first released, it allowed to attack 2 ages down, probably because of small pool of players in AA and CWA. When SA was released, I thought they reverted it back to AA only, but just few days ago my CWA account run into multiple Global bases.

          Regardless of whether it's a bug or not, any semi-skilled AA can waste any Global base, and if you do all ht, you basically can drop tanks and watch them wipe entire base with minimal plane support. So in short, staying behind in any age is a terrible idea. I have SA, CWA and GA accounts, guess which one is the hardest to play? And CWA will be SA just in time when SA rush week starts.

        • No Angel
          No Angel commented
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          I can confirm that. My GA account faced a CW base the other day.

        • ademirk
          ademirk commented
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          That +1/-1 rule doesn't apply anymore, from more than a year, my accounts could be attacked and attack at least +2.

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        Great!! I'm counting down the days!!


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          Looks like a good time to take my mini account to the Global Age. My main account will stay in the CWA though because I have much to do still.


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            Originally posted by Parmenion View Post
            Looks like a good time to take my mini account to the Global Age. My main account will stay in the CWA though because I have much to do still.
            Well, I'm not sure you should stay in CWA. Space Age attacks the same bases (atomic), but can't be attacked by Atomic. By going to Space age sooner, it allows you to get to max offense with no much downside. The battle bonuses are the same or higher with SA instead of CWA. Plus you get access to the Space Shuttle for wars, which is a huge game changer.


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              If each age last 2 weeks & you can't instantly upgrade TC till the 2nd week, what is 1st week about?
              Would it be better to upgrade the TC prior to it starting, so you have 2 weeks of discounts?


              • TinSoldier
                TinSoldier commented
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                I've added a few lines to clarify how the discounts work in relation to the instant Town Center upgrades.

                I believe the overall thought is this:
                Week 1: Begin upgrades of everything vital in this age before moving to the next Age.
                Week 2: Age up instantly! Find discounts on clean up buildings from the Age you just were, plus a chance at discounts for your *new* Age.
                Week 3: 2nd week of discounts your your new Age!

              • wrathchild_78
                wrathchild_78 commented
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                If I understand correctly then the instant upgrade to SA takes place at exactly 12/8?

              • bottsjw
                bottsjw commented
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                TinSoldier if you begin upgrades in week 1, doesn't that tie up your workers precluding you from the TC upgrade starting in Week 2?

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              gxe1134 I feel complete agreement with you. My AA requires much more pro and planning, my IA is pure joy and GA will be just as fun. They are great ages to relax and enjoy and improve.
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                id say go atomic. 4 more airspace is a huge buff to your military, while 1 more house and atomium/opera house is huge buff for your development.

                and i say go atomic not on the atomic week, but on industrial week. so that you can build and upgrade your 2nd airstrip to lvl 3 with discounts every step of the way
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                • sponge
                  sponge commented
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                  Don't forget 15 more troops capacity. And you have to be Atomic to finish Amelia.

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                I am going to do 1 AA to CWA but with a former Sandbag account I will be going from GP to IA. The GP is totally maxed, one general left and a few at the university, buildings, walls and troops all maxed. Still this account gets 5 starred by some EA. So being attacked by IA and GA won't make any difference. The thing is this account has two legendaries and a maxed pottery artifact all of them can't be used due to the size of the GP museum, only 1 weapon and 1 armor slot. So looking forward for museum upgrade and selling the X-mas ball (I think). The SA maybe tankdepot but that's not top priority.
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                  Is the upgrade to Space Age half price in gold?


                  • {[Fresh]}Kratos
                    {[Fresh]}Kratos commented
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                    So far it's been 40% off on the Town Center upgrades

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                  any discount for house during Indutsctrial age rush event next week? or how about last year?


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                    any discount for house during Indutstrial age rush event next week? or how about last year? need to prepare my upgrading strategy now