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How to always win wars by yourself

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  • How to always win wars by yourself

    This is for a 10 man war
    Things you will need-
    1 high defenses account (your defender) mine was atomic, if its higher would be even easier
    2 max offense atomic
    3 industrials with an interesting build

    The atomic used ht attacks in wws, if opponent was too higher lvl - bazooka AR combo when it was rrlevant, then protect ar with hts if all anti tanks were in middle and could be killed without risking planes, if that failed commandos was the option

    the pure offense atomic used just hts. never got matched with anything too hard.

    All 3 industrials have the same build - all forests cut and lvl 1 defenses, maxed offense. They always ranked 9&10 because i only upgraded 3 troops(howies, shooters and infantry) and used 1 war tactic - decoy. gens were at maxed lvl 5&6. The key thing is they had the Sally Ride alliance gate troop maxed in uni, so their capacity was 47. It was always filled with attack helis, which flew over walls and killed everything in secs. The game pretty much treated my industrials like iron accs since they had so little developed defenses and so little offense that it never matched with more than enlightment or poor industrials.

    With all accs having sally ride max, they could also get donated a huge load of troops in TC during wars. ACs or bazookas. But wars were so easily won that I didnt even fill TCs.

    War plan was
    My 1 clears 1&2
    the offense atomic 3,4
    the industrials the rest

    Btw, one of my industrials had only a castle and a SH built, but MAXED walls for industrials . It was lvl 90 and many players struggled against it because they used a lot of cavalry which got stuck in those high hp walls and the tornado of tc defenders easily wiped them out. People really underestimate those accs and with all forests cut they can easily miss a few buildings as well

    Works every time, now go and have some fun
    Ch0s3nByG0dz - leader of DopeReach.

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    Nice information..but it will be impossible to do war on your own, unless you have a lot of free time


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      It all sounds like you have been playing with yourself too much


      • Ch0s3nByG0dz
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        of course, why would i play with the likes of you

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      I started my own alliance with my whole accounts as well! 😊
      Only that my bags were real bags, a few iron age to fill war spot. It should have been enough. I felt really good cause my wars were won easily. Until people started joining and I found a friendly atmosphere; we lost so many times, but I accepted it. The difference is probably only at the goal of alliance. Ch0s3n decided to create a winning alliance, which is shown by its stat now, 2 defeat only. While I was only planning to organize my self. I didn't really care the winning and losing.
      We can't organize everyone's attacks, we can't do attacks for everyone, which is why one man alliance is perfect for those who don't bother with everyone else's attack styles.
      It may sound a coincidence, but I also have another coleague that started a one man alliance, only with luckier stats. It never lost any war, and now sitting in top 100, almost breached 50.

      It's possible to handle one man alliance, really. You just have to be committed to it.
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


      • No Angel
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        Haha, saying that an alliance with only 1 person that wars is possible! 😉

      • K1ng_kriting
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        Wow reach 50,you must be a good player

      • No Angel
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        K1ng_kriting not me, it's my friend's. I'm just a so-so attacker 😊

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      We are using the same strategy : 1 and 2 are very good attackers, no 3 is maxed global defenser, 2 very good industrials and 1 normal industrial. Rest are normal players. We win almost eveything with this.


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        In our last war we matched up against a one man alliance. 7 out of 10 bases had his signature.
        2 SA accounts, 1 CWA, 3 industrials (2 of them maxed), 1 atomic, 1 global and 2 gunpowder. They are ranked 133 with 140 wins and only 10 loses!!

        Their strategy was their top 3 to 5 star our 1-6 players. The atomic and global would attack 7-10. This looked like a good strategy.
        We ended a tie 50-50 in stars but we won cause we were super fast. In fact, faster by 5 mins!

        Our strategy was to load defensive coalitions in 7/10 of our bases in order to delay them as much as possible and it worked.
        Hellas Empire
        Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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          The problem is that I don't want to always win. I want to win when I deserve to win and I want to lose when I don't deserve a victory. I'm also happy to keep playing at current pace and avoid useless rushing (such as cheating).
          "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


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            It's one thing organize a good strategy. but to run wars entirely alone takes way too much dedication to any game let alone a phone app. This guy has totally lost control of his life. He would deserve sympathy, if it werent for the fact that he is a unapologetic cheater.


            • King Crimson
              King Crimson commented
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              Cheater? How so? Sounds a lot like he manipulated the accounts with specific and strategic ideas.
              He sounds lonely but he doesn't sound like a cheater.

            • helix900
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              They closed the other thread he started where he bragged about how he was cheating his butt off

            • pckrn
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              King Crimson it was actually worse than helix900 remembers it. he wasnt bragging about cheating, he was saying cheating wasn’t such a bad thing while the dislike for cheating was a toxic thing. so he was the better person than the whiners.

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            Accept having an addictive personality (as most of us do too) and take steps to combat it. Either make it a game e.g., "How many hours/days can I NOT login to Dominations?" or more likely delete the game for a week along with removing links to forums and discord/line (remove those apps for sure to combat muscle memory of loading them). It's time to take a proactive approach. Yes it'll feels weird for awhile but it's worth it.

            Please do consider this for real.


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              SomeRandomPlayer Pardon my French, kind sir, but there seems to be a misunderstanding

              If we examine all the information available on this forum(some of which deleted) if it is true I have used external programs to gain resources and unlimited workers, that actually means i just login and start upgrading which only takes 10 seconds of my time and there is no actual reason for me to stay logged in? So much for looting

              5 Accounts in world war means 10 attacks - each no more than 2 mins (I'm a fast attacker) which leads to a total of max 25 minutes per day? But with 1 day being planning and I dont need to make attacks in world wars and some upgrades taking weeks to finish, whats the total of my actual play time per week? You are a clever boy, I'm sure you will figure it out
              Also, why would I use Line/Discord when I am clearing everything by myself? Doesn't actually make sense now does it?

              So in the end it may actually turn out you actually spend more time online than me playing 5 accounts LOL

              But that's actually not important. The disturbing part is that you follow me on every thread, like a stalker without life, spreading hate like a disease. In the end is just a game, I chose to play how I want and I don't really understand why my play-styles and threads seem to bother you so much. No disrespect kind sir, but you seriously need to go out more I know its hard when you loot all day, tryna max those walls, but hey, please do consider it for real

              P.S. You should also try to visit the gym more often. It builds character and some extra exercise can help relieve all the hatred you have stored in your heart.

              Smh at nerds these days

              kilgore_trout Same could be said about u too
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              Ch0s3nByG0dz - leader of DopeReach.


              • SomeRandomPlayer
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                And here I was attempting to be helpful and nice; and this is the only post of yours I've ever commented on, and it's also the last.

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              Still seeking attention?


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                LordStark263AC I comment the game, you comment me... Who is seeking attention?
                Ch0s3nByG0dz - leader of DopeReach.


                • LordStark263AC
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                  That all? Move on son. Move on.

                • Ch0s3nByG0dz
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                  LordStark263AC I understand your frustration mate :/ you are all over the forum, all over facebook, commenting tryna build up your alliance, tryna find friends and all and just by looking at your alliance’s win loss ratio on its kinda sad you u know i know u hate me to see me win tell ur online mates to buffen up their offense bud, advise from someone who actually wins
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                hey guys..this is a just a stupid game, not more. Let's respect all playing styles, even if you do not agree. Peace &


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                  Ch0s3nByG0dz or is it Marto_Beatz?

                  I'm not your mate and I'm not frustrated. Seeing d#*kheads like you on this forum makes my day. If it wasn't for you who'd tell us hacking this game is acceptable? Thank goodness there are d#*kheads like you out there.
                  And my alliance, you had to open your mouth about my alliance, yeah we win more than we lose, anything else? Sure I don't have many high hitters in my alliance yet we're level 10 perk alliance in just over a year. We can't be that bad then can we.

                  And I stand by my words, you're like a teenage girl seeking attention from her peers, "hey guys look I win World Wars by myself" "hey guys I hacked the game" "hey guys who wants to have me in their alliance"

                  ​​​​Have a glass of warm milk with cookies d#*khead!
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                    Jesus Christ mate, your mom will be ashamed to read what her son wrote there :/ Better wash that mouth with soap Its dirty AF

                    Dont act like you hard tho’ . Its hilarious
                    Ch0s3nByG0dz - leader of DopeReach.