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Tug of WAR! - Congrats Cyan! (6/7 - 6/10/19)

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  • Tug of WAR! - Congrats Cyan! (6/7 - 6/10/19)

    Tug of WAR event has begun! Between now and 6/10 14:00 UTC, earn as many Stars in Multiplayer Battles as you can to help your team. Be sure to check the in-game popups every day for updates on the event!

    Rules for Tug of WAR:

    • All players will be assigned a team, either Orange or Cyan, based on their Nation.
    • The Roman, Greek, French, and German Nations will be on Orange Team.
    • The British, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Nations will be on Cyan Team.
    • Team status will be updated every day at 14:00 UTC. Make sure to check back often!
    • All players on the winning team will receive a F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber!
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    joın us GALATASARAY1905.


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      I like those Tug of War events
      "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


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        Click image for larger version

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        Congratulations to the Cyan team on their win this weekend during the Tug of WAR event!

        Be sure to check the in-game popups to claim your reward!
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          is this the record for the least responses to an announcement post ever?

          im somewhat surprised cyan won. maybe a lot of the orange were a bunch of raiders and tc snipers. im looking at the nation with quick production of units
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            These events are stupid, individually nobody will influence the outcome at all. It's just a random result of a random criteria they choose to divide the playerbase by half...

            At least last time the "losing" side was also getting a troop card, but now it is just a mini slap in the face that half of all players get a free TT while the other half gets nothing...


            • pckrn
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              maybe from the beginning they meant to give a free TT to the nations with no buff to factory. and greeks they simply dislike

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            This means any nations you choose is good, it's an event which has proved that even being the majority Germans didn't guarantee you to win most stars. The underdog won! 😊
            *good thing I play in all nations 😆

            But please, next time the reward is pure reward, won't cost us 1 Crown?! 😆
            Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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              Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
              • The Roman, Greek, French, and German Nations will be on Orange Team.
              • The British, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Nations will be on [B]Cyan
              Roman, German and French lost out to British, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. 🤣🤣🤣 now I've seen it all.


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                Can I still claim it? Haven't logged in a week.


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                  Orange team just got the pop up for free plane today. I guess Nexon felt we deserved a participation award as well???
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                  • TinSoldier
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                    Due to a translation issue, some languages were informed of the incorrect winner. We extended the same 1 Crown offer to the players that received these messages.

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                  Where is my plane? I am Korean nation...


                  • W1ll1am
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                    Stealth bomber appeared in the sales popup a few days ago for 1 crown.

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                  The rewards offered appeared in the popup window following the event.

                  Thank you to all who participated! The Tug-of-WAR event is likely to return again!
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