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Coalitions require the same NTGs every week

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  • Coalitions require the same NTGs every week

    It is the 4th consecutive week that the offensive coalitions Americans and Aithiopians require partly the same NTGs.
    First it was salt, then tea, previoys week was marble and now scrolls.
    In my 3 year career in dominations, this has almost never happened again.

    May I ask if it is pure bad luck or something was indeed changed?
    Hellas Empire
    Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.

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    I think it's intentional (and a fairly recent change). I don't track D coals since I'm an attacker, but for O coals the ones that everyone uses require 27 of the same NTG. I assume it generates more revenue as some people are forced to crown the NTG.


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      I tracked coalitions between Feb 20 - April 20 (2019) and this was the case for all 10 weeks. Americans and Ethiopians always share one NTG, and always that same one with either Aztecs or Mongols too.

      I did not really evaluate defense but it's interesting too. Russians has Porcelain 70% and Scrolls 60% of the time. Maori had Silk 80% of the time.

      So yes, it's intentional to increase multiplayer attacks.


      • Alexey
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        I would say it’s intentional to increase crown spending. 80% of players at higher ages are German/British, so increasing of mp attacks won’t add much porcelain or silk.

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      Another ploy by Nexon to make people spend crown while they roll in cash :P.