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Glory and mismatch - two questions

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  • Glory and mismatch - two questions

    Those two questions aren’t connected, I just don’t want to start two separate threads.
    So, question number one: after the latest changes (removing 15x15 wars, introducing the new matching system, introducing the SA) we have merged with another alliance and switched to 20x20 wars. I can say that our warrior line became somewhat stronger, and yet we went down in glory numbers. Before those changes we were somewhere in the middle, now we are closer to the end of the glory list. I didn’t pay much attention to that until I checked the glory number of one of our friendly alliances, which used to be lower that we were, and I found out that they have risen 3k glory above us, which is pretty high, given that the difference between the bottom and the top is 8k now. I’ve checked their member list - there aren’t many changes there. So I wonder what is the explanation to this phenomenon. The first explanation would be that we dislearned to attack while they became war experts, but I don’t believe in this. The second explanation would be - well, their average base level is somewhat 70-80 levels below ours, but I can’t think of any reasonable math explanation connecting average level and glory movement. I know that some alliances have experienced the same glory downgrade as we have, so maybe you can share your thoughts about this situation.
    The second question is shorter: after those balance changes, bastions and “five star attacks are only for the best attackers” can we say that a perfect score now is an obvious indicator of a mismatch? The question is valid to the low glory numbers, not the top alliances.

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    After the glory rollback, lots of glory was up for grabs. Alliances with good attackers that ran with back to back wars were able to move up quickly. It sounds like you took some amount of time to merge and get your alliance in order. Maybe that’s when you fell behind?


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      I think the Matchotron doesn't know how to handle heavy CWA's and Space Ages unless they're in an alliance with multiple other heavies. Our last war myself, a 263 Space Age and my buddy, a 258 CWA, sat out and we rolled a 10 vs 10 where our highest was a 191 atomic, a 178 global and the rest industrials, enlightenment, gunpowders. The matchup was astonishingly fair on paper, though it helped that the opponent only did 6/20 attacks.

      Today we went back up to 20 and our top 2 was significantly stronger but they're probably going to slaughter us between 7-15. If you add all the bases together the numbers are way more even than the old system, but typically that means we rout their top 4 and then get hammered in the middle. Doesn't matter how much you dance on their top guys if they win twice as many lower attacks.

      To be fair though, the middle of our lineup mostly sucks, it's a miracle for most of them to 5 star two ages down, so this phenomenon may just be unique to us.

      Overall, I can't say I'm overly impressed by Matchotron 5.001, but it may just come down to poor execution on our part.
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        I say keep experimenting with v10 and v20 while getting your stuff together.
        New people (team, especially after merge) don't always guarantee for stronger lineups.
        We were visited by a few CW and SA and they didn't always make a difference tbh (as an alliance lack of high level players before 😆)
        Also, speaking of K-Factor; hopefully the closer us to the end of minimum glory line, we could start getting easier opponents.

        Oot, why should we care too much about glory? Win is a win, and even if we are losing, we get the AXP for the best score we could grab, plus Combatant Chests.
        The leaderboard (and even top 500) always seem to be toxic for me 😆
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          can we say that a perfect score now is an obvious indicator of a mismatch? The question is valid to the low glory numbers, not the top alliances
          our last 10v10 war ended 50:48. at 14k glory
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            1 st Answer: there is lot of difference after last changes. alliances with low level players facing low level alliances and getting a good amount of glory. so in your case merging didn't help as you become better in average and started facing top teams and lost/won glory. but your significant other the nemeses stayed with same average and faced their range of teams and mostly won more glory with a 10v wars. also as cannabis mentioned you guys might have taken some days off.

            2nd: yes getting full stars is little hard now but many teams are getting even match ups which is resulting in close wars.


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              The matchups have been great for the most part. Very close...


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                What's the use of Glory anyway?
                "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


                • Spaceboy
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                  nothing..thats why it is incredible

                • Saruman the White
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                  It should have the use of being the one and only factor for war matchmaking (as it was meant to be when first implemented). I've justified this in many answers throughout the forum.