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  • Android Not Loading

    Game isn't loading on Android this morning. Discussed via a messenger App with other players. Apple seems to be working, just not Android. Tried three Android devices, three separate accounts, on wifi and 4g.

    No dice.

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    troko - Neanderthals
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    I have not been able to log in for last 5 hours I have good wifi and plenty of memory


    • Reddraggoon
      Reddraggoon commented
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      East Coast 10:00 A.M. Still stuck on loading screen. No answers still.

    • ali koç
      ali koç commented
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      Oyun yüklenmiyor

    • BormanKZ
      BormanKZ commented
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      Во всём мире игроки на андроид не могут войти в игру!!! Разработчики, сделайте что нибудь!!!
      All over the world, Android players cannot enter the game !!! Developers, do something !!!
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    Three hours since I tried accessing game. Still won't load.



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      Android users in the west are unable to get into the game today (5/14/19) due to a conflict with Xigncode. This will require a new update to be downloaded. The team is preparing this hotfix, and we hope to have it available as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your patience as we work to get you back into your bases as quickly as possible.
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      • bred2bbroken
        bred2bbroken commented
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        Is there a Timeline? All my team mates are freaking out on Discord. It's like a Rehab center in there with everybody jonesing!

        Of course, the Apple guys are all laughing at us!

      • Perdu Collu
        Perdu Collu commented
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        It's working. You BHG/Nexon guys could at least compensate for the lack of production of fragments and resources. And apologize.

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      Oyuna girilmiyor

      Cannot enter the game


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        Loading status bar hangs about 1/4 complete. I run it both on bluestacks and android phone, same thing on both. It looks like this is affecting more than just me. Thanks for your attention to this!


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          Same and I even tried reinstalling and still stuck at the main loading screen


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            Oh God , I m not alone in this non logging in issue. WHAT a relief. AND now my 2nd comment: AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!


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              TinSoldier is this issue also related to us being unable to install Asia in 1 device together with International version?
              I'm expecting you could work on that too, cause half of my accounts are in Asia.
              I've never seen either Nexon or Google's policy to restrict that installation. It just happened after last update.
              Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                Updating users is almost as important as fixing bugs. Where do we stand at this moment? When we will be able to start the game? Greetings from Serbia.


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                  I am from India, facing same issue on Android


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                    I'm based in Europe, also unable to load the game.


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                      I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that this outage happened midweek. If it was a long bank holiday we would be really pissed. Can't understand a global developer not having an IT dept open 24/7.


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                        We have just released the hotfix to the Google Play Store.

                        Please keep in mind that it could take a little more time still for the update to appear for you based on your region.

                        Thank you for your patience as we corrected this issue!
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                          Will you compensate us or something? I missed my attack on our war cause of this issue...