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  • stop this stupid event

    please for the love of who ever. Stop this crap event. I need 672 hrs of speed ups to be used. Hahaha I have 6 hrs in total. Like I use them all the time who in the world saves them. I was so looking forward to a new event and you tossed me this joke. Everyone on the team needs a serious pay dock for this crap and I know we can vote but come on no one voted for this crap. 100 wall manuals so I can upgrade 8 walls. Yay because I that’s cute. Please do better.
    Stop event
    Let it play out
    Fire the staff who came up with this idea l.

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    who in the world saves them.
    i do. i have more than enough saved up to finish all 5 stages. but yeah the event is stupid and im not going to do a single stage.
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      Originally posted by Tinyfishing View Post
      who in the world saves them
      I always did. But used them before this unanticipated event! 😆
      Looking forward for next event also!
      (No, not complaining, just not doing this one)
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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        Anyone realize that if your in the spaceage it takes 28 days worth of speed ups to finish this event. Clearly someone wasn’t thinking when they came up with this one. I look forward to most events but this one dumb founded me, it’s already tough for a space age player to complete some of these events but seriously who has 28 days worth of speed ups and if you do that’s great but most of them have used them in the space age to help advance ourselves!


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          Don't know whether to dismiss the one who is responsible for events, but to brainwash him exactly right. Many times it has been said here that the conditions for different Ages are too different, for upper Ages they are not adequately difficult. About prizes and say nothing... But the current event exceeded all expectations.. champion of stupidity.


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            Saving them up is not the problem here, many people are waiting for the best value of them (4+ citizen upgrades) rather than using them up as you obtain them immediately.

            The problem is the ridiculous rewards, gold/food resources (wall manuals) for citizens time. That is unacceptable. It is clearly the worst event to date and shows they have no idea how their own game works.


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              Since Nexon added some nice things lately and seems to be on a better way, I do not want to comment on this event, but simply push it to the top.


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                1. I agree that this is an unfortunate event, useless to me
                2. I agree that NEXON should be much more generous in almost every aspect of the game BUT...
                3. I wouldn't be in favor of cancelling an event just because I have no interest on that. Think about the low Ages players, mate. What happens to them? This is an event that might be very useful for them. So I vote in favor of continuing this
                4. Why do you people call for firing the staff, just because you don't agree with something in the game? Fire them??? REALLY???????? You should be ashamed of asking things like these.

                Relax, play, enjoy. This is only a game after all. If you can't do this, perhaps it's high time you quit.

                PS. If we stopped thinking selfishly, the game would have been better for all of us
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                • pckrn
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                  i agree with ‘relax, play, enjoy” but this event is useless no matter what age you are in. speedup vs wall manual isnt something that depends on the situation. at all times and in all situations speedups are much more valuable

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                The only reason to stop the event is its introduction of crash bugs. Many are reporting that speed-up usage is crashing the application now but also causing the speed-ups to disappear without speeding up stuff; however it does record its usage for the wall manual event

                This is a big bug.

                Cancel the event and give everyone some wall manuals (maybe give a troop tactic chest or two too so folks don't freak out; I don't get why people are freaking out and creating polls like this but whatever, humans are weird; the crash bug is reason enough to call on PR to make folks happy).
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                  What stupidity. It’s 288 hours for me (GPA), and I have *plenty* of speedups saved up, just not nearly enough to fulfill this silly event. And for what? Manauls that will get maybe a sixth of my walls upgraded one level, when they’re already maxed and EA has *two* levels to do? Moreover, I’m also maxed on buildings; I did my last forest just now with a six-hour upgrade, but that’s it for me, so there’s no way I can really get this done anyway.

                  Saruman the White — It is no more useful to lower-age players than it is to anyone else, I think. The only case in which 50 wall manuals will be useful is if your walls are just well behind, because going to max GPA walls is already three manuals per piece. That means three manuals for 333k resources, which you can raid in two raids, and sometimes even one. Sure, it’s a little boost, but for 288 hours of upgrades, you have to buy a hell of a lot more speedups than anyone has, especially at this age. And I’m rather faithful with watching the videos that provide speedups, along with basically every video opportunity I get. (Free fragment, Marco Polo, etc., I also do.) They could honestly lower the requirements to 1/3 or 1/4 of what they are now and it still would fit, just not **288 hours**. What am I supposed to do even to achieve that, speed up half of Enlightenment?

                  Unlike most people, I have no qualms with the reward themselves. I did harp on them a little bit earlier in this post, but only because of the requirements — this is not at all a bad reward with significantly lower rewards, but it’s really tough to manage, and I’m not spending any money to complete it when I can get walls done for free anyway.


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                    What I think this event shows is that nobody at BHG is actually playing the game. The only person I know who saves speed ups does it so that he can jump past the absurdly long age upgrade times, boring because you have no workers and can’t do anything much. Anyone who is saving their speed ups is not going to burn them to get a few wall manuals. The rest of us use them to coordinate build and research times with resource availability, and we aren’t going to burn them either.

                    Have you really not realised that wall manuals are universally considered a booby prize? Speed ups are useful resources, wall manuals just aren’t. Maybe if you were giving them out by the hundred they would be slightly more useful, but most of us would trade 100 wall manuals for 1 decent speed up.

                    Sorry, but this is the dumbest event ever.


                    • Persia
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                      Great post. Taking aside the sheer numbers and viewing it *in context*, one sees that there’s no chance anyone who actually has that many speedups saved would use them like this. I know that when I use mine, it’s to get something I really want to get done done, or coordinate it, as you said, to get a certain amount of workers or whatever it is I want. Nobody’s going to blast through a bunch of upgrades right now just to finish the event, especially considering the laughably unreasonable requirements.

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                    The event has stopped now cause half of total players in the game are unable to login 😆
                    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                      event not possible to complete (not that I care anyway)
                      WW attacks not possible to make. This is serious
                      Zero info about this outage for so many hours

                      I wonder if we are gonna learn what happened....All wars must end as tiebreaker, event cancelled
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                        On the flip side, how great would this event have been if it were reversed and let you trade in wall manuals for speed ups. If wall manuals are as valuable as nexon claims maybe we should start hording them.


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                          Lol, the event is gone!
                          Are they reading the forums? Can't believe
                          I suppose the event server crashed...
                          Cheaters can't attack