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Invite to DomiNations Alliance Leadership

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  • Invite to DomiNations Alliance Leadership

    Leader or co-Leaders of a DomiNations alliance?

    You are invited to join one of the largest and most active LINE communities. Nearly 200 teams represented, many in the top 100.
    Visit our welcome room to learn more.
    From your smart device visit
    (if you are new to LINE, create a free account using the link then revisit the link to join our group)

    War Phoenix- Active since 2015
    We play as a team and win as a team. Visit us at
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    Alliance leadership? ... join our community of leaders. See above.


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      That link doesn’t work unless you already have the Line app - it just takes you to an advert for Line. Which doesn’t explain what it’s for at all well. Even if you do have the Line app, it presents you with a login screen, but no clue as to what login you are supposed to be using.
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      • bottsjw
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        It is mentioned as the largest LINE community in the description... regardless, I've updated the original post to provide additional clarity. Thanks for the feedback.
        Look forward to having others join us.

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      What is Line, then?


      • bottsjw
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        You can learn more about LINE at
        It's a social media app used by many alliances.

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      Several new teams in just the past 5 days. Join us.
      if you’re new to LINE, use the link to get the free app. Create a free account, then revisit the link to join us.🙌


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        But what you haven’t said is why I should want to join a “Line Community”, or indeed explained what one is. I do have Line, which I downloaded as a possible solution to the game’s lack of a messaging system and limited chat, but didn’t find it user-friendly enough to be useful - the ones that need it most probably wouldn’t be able to work it.


        • wrathchild_78
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          we use Line a lot and we find it super effective. If it doesnt suit you, try discord

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        The community continues to grow with nearly a dozen new teams represented in the past week
        Join us ... (from a smart device)

        LINE is a free app used by many teams. Create a free account then use the link from your smart device.


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          Join us! 👆


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            Nearly 300 active leaders from around the globe .... join us!


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              Join us ... https://joinDomLeaders
              Alliance Leadership community.