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Crash base bug. 6 months and counting.

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  • Crash base bug. 6 months and counting.

    BHG, do you realize that the crash base bug has been going on for 6 months now. Do you even have intentions of fixing it? 6 months is a little ridiculous don’t you think?

    Player opinions about this?
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    Nexon why won’t you stop the cheaters? There are lots of smart people in this community that are trying to help you if you would only communicate.


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      For a studio with only one active game their community engagement is extremely poor. A single community liason who only works 9-5 Monday to Friday and even then only responds to 3 or 4 posts a day, usually about the most inane subjects while saying little to nothing. Bugs that go unfixed, or worse, unacknowledged, for months if not years. It's a testament to the game and its players that we still fruitlessly pound our heads into the wall on these forums. To be fair though, it's hard to say if this is a result of Nexon or BHG policy so I don't blame Tin Soldier, unfortunately the end results, or lack thereof, are the same regardless.


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        At this point it's safe to assume this may never be fixed; and instead bases will continue to hug the top and left areas of the map. The top left is common but not required; really any edge will do. In any case, the community will continue to tear itself apart over this.

        So we need a guide so folks can create their own crash bases for testing as this way we all can overcome the following together:

        * App crashes due to an extra plane (accidentally) being used aka "Plane crash bug" -- caused by planes being killed on the edge of the map
        * Cause Transport to fly around in circles an entire battle dropping no troops
        * Cause troops to get stuck in the forest (near the alliance gate) and do nothing except stare at trees

        As an attacker, the brief workaround descriptions are:
        * Count your planes; yes, you must track how many are flying versus how many are left in your queue; if a plane was killed in the magic line (edge of base) you will have +1 planes available to deploy, but deploying the +1 will crash the dominations app thus ending your attack at 0-4 stars; plus you'll lose all retrain options
        * Don't drop troops in the top forested edge near the the alliance gate
        * Don't drop Transport near the alliance gate

        This deserves additional explanation but is a start, and I do not fully understand it so it's likely missing information.
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        • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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          Hats off to you, sir or madam. The community in this game is very strong about finding workarounds to various issues, it's unfortunate that it has to be though.

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        I never really think a lot has suffered this. Maybe only a very few part of the community 😉
        Let's move to bigger issues please?

        Just check the Bugs and Known issues section and let them fix some old bugs first. SomeRandomPlayer has given pretty good solution so you guys can sleep at nights during wars.
        This, can wait.
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        • SomeRandomPlayer
          SomeRandomPlayer commented
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          Crash bugs are the highest priority bug in all software projects I've seen; and this is no different. This is a major bug that must be fixed, dismissing it isn't the answer. The above workarounds aren't perfect and drain brain power.

        • No Angel
          No Angel commented
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          Is this bigger than blatant cheating and leak exploit?
          I'm not saying it must be dismissed, but if you inspect each player account, ones using this are playing in bigger wars, while the majority would prefer a fix in alliance troops donation, map editor bug, etc etc. So it needs a fix, still. Just that it could be temporary overcome, since we're looking for fixes in major issues.

          Glad we have your brain power in the forum (and community), anyway 😉

          Oh yeah, post to CS too so it would be a known issue, since I didn't see Horsepower mentioned it 6 months ago in Bugs and Known issues section 😆
          Edit : I saw pckrn mentioned it, just in a more structured post 😆
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        Can we please get an official response on this issue? Even a "it's a feature not a bug" type of response is acceptable so we can plan accordingly.


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          My account crashes in the middle of an attack M/P and war all BHG has to say is check your internet and close all windows. No fix the damn bugs stop the new ****


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            Just got the same issue, that stinks, lost my mercenaries and generals, no instant retrain, please fix it


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              Same here, lost everything because of this. While you’re at it the increasing number of bases with all buildings upgrading can’t really be that difficult to stop. Not to mention that level 361 still on top list. What is the problem here? I don’t get it. Why don’t just erase that base and ban the player? Nexon seems to have absolutely no problem at all coming up with all different kinds of stupid troop sales, wall manual events and bazooka tower sales, banning cheaters and fixing game bugs seems to be impossible though. Why would anyone wanna spend money on a game that isn’t working as intended? It is not fair to anyone except the cheaters.


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                - Hi there, what do you want for lunch
                - Stop cheaters
                - I was saying to eat
                - Yes but stop the cheaters


                • helix900
                  helix900 commented
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                  When you buy a new car, are you happy with it and enjoy driving it as long as the stereo is working even if it has no brakes and the steering wheel comes loose everytime you turn left?

                • No Angel
                  No Angel commented
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                  I don't know why people keep making comparison between a game and a car 😆
                  ​​​​​​​This. This, a game. Something you can play for free, something to do to kill your time. Cars? Well you buy cars. No free cars. You don't buy cars every day. Of course you will expect the brake is fine.

                  Just keep reporting. And trust your game developers.
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                • helix900
                  helix900 commented
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                  Sure, if you get a car for free you don’t expect it to work properly but if you get a car for free and spend money on it, you’re at least gonna expect the parts you’ve just bought to function don’t you think?

                  Lots of people have bought estates to get 3 more workers in this game. Wonder what they are thinking when they on a daily basis come across bases that seems to have 100 workers.

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                helix900 I understand your point, but that's part of the game. As No Angel seems not to love cars I change example. When you go to the stadium to watch your team match you pay your ticket; for sure there will be people that enter with free tickets or just jump in without it. So what do you do? Do you spend your game time in complaining about the fact that you paid and not the others or you just take it as it is and enjoy the game?

                I know it is not correct helix900 and that Nexon going out with purchase items at least should protect their "investors" but that's the way it is, none is pointing a gun at you asking you to buy, so jut don't do it.


                • King Crimson
                  King Crimson commented
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                  I agree. Spending money on a ticket while others jump the fence doesn't invalidate the value of the ticket. The ticket gets you into the game, once you're in you enjoy the game. Therefore the cost of the ticket was a justified cost just like paying for the estate is justified if it helps you progress quicker.

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                Would love some more attention given to the edge of map plane crash bug. Its hit us so many times now that bases are being built specifically to take advantage of this
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                  This issue is currently under investigation. I'll check in with the team to see what the status is.

                  Cheating like this is a more murky area, where the question can be "Is it intentional, or is it happenstance?" (Where as exploiting workers or resources is more easy to ascertain.) Please continue to submit bases that you find suspicious to our CS team for review.
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                    S_How I am confused... your base in the past (I don’t know about currently) with the city on the edge is well known and discussed in the community as a crash base.


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                      Coming to you from beyond the grave. Applying logic and reason one post at a time. Try it, you might like it.