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DomiNations: 4th Year Anniversary!

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  • DomiNations: 4th Year Anniversary!

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    Greetings Leaders!

    We’re incredibly excited to celebrate the 4th-year-anniversary of DomiNations with our fantastic community. For the next several weeks we’ll have a number of special events, rewards and community spotlights to help observe DomiNations players new and old!

    Community Choice: We get requests all the time for certain events and rewards to return to DomiNations, so this year we’re giving YOU the power to help choose what events and rewards will appear during the anniversary celebration (and beyond). Some of our most popular events will resurface both during and after the celebration, so be sure to keep an eye on Facebook in order to cast your vote to determine which event you’d like to see again in-game. With the conclusion of the first community vote, it appears as though the Fall of Alamut will once again be offered, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on the incredibly useful Assassin’s Fortress!

    Anniversary Drops: We all like opening gifts, so, to kick off the 4th-year-anniversary we’ll be showering you with supply drops from the skies! Be sure to check the area around your city for gifts of Gold, Food, Speed-Ups, and a variety of Troop Tactics. Let us know what gifts you receive on our social channels.

    Community Spotlights: With Community members all over the globe, it’s always exciting to see the latest podcasts, videos, and contests that players are creating to make the DomiNations community what it is today. For the next several weeks we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of these players and their creations and will be featuring them on our social channels. Content creation and event organization is a lot of work, so be sure to take a few minutes to read about these folks and what they do. Also, if you happen to be organizing events or creating DomiNations content, please reach out to us on our social channels and let us know! We’d genuinely love to check it out.

    Tug of WAR: The Tug of WAR event is a brand new event type created to help celebrate the game’s 4th-year-anniversary. Joining an alliance and making friends with players from different places around the world is one of the things that makes DomiNations tons of fun. During this event, players in an alliance will be automatically be placed into two separate factions (Orange and Cyan). These event factions will compete by earning stars in WAR to unlock their very own F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Bomber. In addition to the Nighthawk, simply being in an alliance will grant you a special reward. So, find yourself an alliance, makes some new pals, and get some free stuff!

    Invasion: Last year’s popular Invasion Event is back by popular demand with a few big changes. In case you need a quick refresher, Invasion is a combat-altering event that affects the attributes of troops and buildings in battle. This year, expect to see stronger planes, tanks and ranged infantry as well as tougher Walls and Defenses. Get ready to modify your tactics, because for a limited time, the game is changing!

    Live Stream: Thank you for making our Space Age live stream one of our most watched streams yet! Join us soon for a brand new stream live from Big Huge Games. During this stream we’ll be celebrating the four-year-anniversary with the development team, discussing some of the changes to World War Matchmaking and answering a number of your questions live. Be sure to follow us on Twitch and get notified when we go live. We can’t wait to see you there!
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    Twitter: @BigHugeGames

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    anniversary drops have some cool stuff in them. but are they meant to be medieval-level troops tactics only? my SA and AA accounts received medievals
    edit: fixed

    is the invasion event that event we had where fighters had 2x hp and dps and you could destroy everything using just fighters only and kinda broke the game for the duration of the event?
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    Victory Chest & League Boat Rewards

    Expedition General Bonus Rewards


    • No Angel
      No Angel commented
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      At least people will have another thing to complain beside AR 😜

    • TinSoldier
      TinSoldier commented
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      Correct - previous Invasion events saw an increased use of planes due to their boosted stats.

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    Look out, the complaining police are at it again. Why not try to stop all the complaining by complaining about complaining?


    • LordStark263AC
      LordStark263AC commented
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      I've got no choice but to complain about your complaining of others complaining.

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    Complaint: a tank army for 1 crown is not a free reward.
    Just saying.
    Sour grapes make whine.


    • moriador
      moriador commented
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      Your argument doesn't make sense. They give you free crowns, you exchange 1 freebie for something else. It's free

      You'll have to explain your argument in more detail. tpk

    • Manifesto
      Manifesto commented
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      Firstly, my post was sarcasm. Learn to spot it.
      Secondly, if you didn't understand my explanation the first time, l doubt l can make it simpler but let's try:
      If something is exchanged, it's not free. It's a trade.
      Please understand the difference and move on.

    • moriador
      moriador commented
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      OK, so you're giving up then?

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    Please show the Alliance Top 100 Board during your stream. And please tell explain us how a perk 6 alliance, starten war fighting in March 2019 can be Part of the top ten.