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Tug of WAR! - Begins TODAY (4/17 - 5/1/19)

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  • Tug of WAR! - Begins TODAY (4/17 - 5/1/19)

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    As part of DomiNations’ 4 year anniversary celebration, we are holding an exciting new event type: a Tug of WAR!
    This event will challenge you to earn as many Stars in World War as you can. The winning team will receive the F-117 Nighthawk! The event will begin on 4/17 at 14:00 UTC and last for two weeks, ending on 5/1 at 14:00 UTC.

    Here are the rules:
    • All players will be assigned a team, either Orange or Cyan. Check your inbox for your assignment in the next day. (4/16/19)
    • The Orange and Cyan teams will be competing to get the highest average Stars earned in War battles.
    • The teams’ status will be updated frequently in the popup window. Make sure to check back often to see how your team is doing!
    • All players on the winning team will receive a F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber!
    • The losing team’s players will receive a Vickers Virginia plane.
    Join an Alliance Now!
    In order to be assigned to a team, join an alliance before the event begins! If you’re not in an Alliance, you have no chance of winning the F-117 Nighthawk.
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    Does this mean that members in our alliance will be split up into Orange and Cyan? Or is our alliance placed into either Orange or Cyan along with other alliances?

    If it's our own alliance, do we fight each other? (probably not that but it's unclear)

    Do the teams remain the same for each war or do they change? Is this an automatic assignment or manual?

    Can our war team size change over the course of the event?



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      I am curious to see how this will work. Can't wait
      Hellas Empire
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        Team Cyan! You scum can go bounce off those Space Age walls for a while.

        Team Orange! You're with me... let's teach these Iron Age invaders a lesson they'll never forget!
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 Orange sucks..everyone knows


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            I can live with the Vickers Virginia plane.
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              Check your inbox - team assignments are live today!
              The colors are Cyan and Orange, and have been assigned by your Alliance (so you will be able to earn Stars alongside your Alliance members.) You can certainly have different size World Wars and have the Stars count towards your team totals.

              After the kickoff tomorrow (4/17/19) we will be adding an in-game popup message that will let you know who is winning the Tug of WAR. This in-game message will be updated every few days when we tally the total Stars earned by the community.

              Best of luck to both teams!
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                My accounts in different alliances are Orange 🍊
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                  Why do I have to be mr. Pink?


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                    This is a strange event. Essentially you’ve decided to give the entire player base a free plane. As a player, you can’t do much to influence the outcome, except perhaps take easier targets in WW rather than the ones your alliance needs you to take. Am I missing something here?


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                      Who cares? I'm gonna pass on this one.


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                        All that for one plane ,mean miser nexon ,won’t bother ,like the paradrops they are useless mostly.u hardly get event buildings ,no alliance crowns purchase rewards for alliance members ...THOSE WERE THE GOOD DAYS NOW ITS SAD
                        Really was hoping the 4th anniversary will be good opportunity for nexon to make good on it’s poor performance over the last year .and I am playing for 4 years .all I can say is greed has taken over .
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                          So how will it work ? No cyan team members in our alliance.maybe another bug
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                          • Wicked Lord
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                            Our alliance is complete orange too. If you think about it would be stupid if it were different. I mean an alliance should and could only fight as team.

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                            Wicked Lord
                            It's more fun if alliance members are pitted against each other. You're always fighting with each other during wars, now it's personal glory at stake!

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                          thank you for this and all the other gifts and chests here and there. I got some really nice speedups the last days. If you add them up, they are really worthy!!
                          Hellas Empire
                          Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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                            How it works, have no clue