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First WW match after changes, please report here

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    Just started our third war. The first 2 where slightly in the favour of the opponent.

    The third war feels like a miss match. It's a 10 vs 10 instead of a 20 vs 20. Unfortunately not enough active war members.

    Them: 1 CW, 3 Atomic 1 Global
    Us: 1 Global 4 industrial

    Search time about 40 minutes.

    Hoping it's still the system calibrating it's self.

    We had 2 good wars.👍
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      The first two wars were fair, the current one, 10 vs 10:

      Glory 377/-263

      6 AA (highest 218)
      2 GA
      2 IA (lowest 144)


      1 SA (highest 259)
      4 CW (2x254, 239, 229)
      2 GA (much better than ours)
      2 IA (same as before)
      1 Iron (level 14)

      Two of us can deal (with AR level 3) are able to crash CW if they are no max (in this war, gonna be touhght but I guess we may get 18-20 stars from the first 4 opponents), also, there is a third of us that may get 9-10 stars from the 5th and 6th (attacking like the old way), but, they may get 50 stars easily, so, doing our best, it won't be enough to defeat them.


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        This is our 3rd war now. First 2 were ok. This current one is them: 2 space Age, 2 cwa, 2 aa, 2 ga, 3 ia, 1 GP, 2 midevil, 2 classical, 4 iron.
        We have: 1 cwa (rushed), 6 global, 5 ia (2 are severe rushed below a GP), 1 ea (again rushed below a midevil), 2 GP, 3 midevil, 2 iron.

        Not it even close to a fair match. I am global and the strongest attacker.


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          our second match is also a fair match. Very close to levels and skill. We are racing to reduce the time cause we will be a tie
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            1st match 30vs30 ending with double perfect score, we won with an overall time of 31 minutes. Opponent lost with 33 minutes. Very close.

            2nd match 20vs20 ending with double perfect score, we won with a time just over 20 minutes. Very close even if they had 3 bases over 300.

            3rd match 20vs20 underway, perfect score in 20 attacks, will probably end under 20 minutes.

            ....point is, this getting ridiculous. No SA with maxed defense stands. Very limited strategy is needed. AR has to be fixed ASAP before we completely lose interest.


            • QuébecGlory
              QuébecGlory commented
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              .... but in regards to matchmaking, matches are closer than before. Thumbs up Nexon!

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            4th match = Fail.

            Us: AA, IA, 3 EA, 2 MA, 3 CA
            Them: EA, 4 GP, 4 MA, CA

            Less than one hour match time.


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              So far 3 out of 4 match is unfair match. And I just got another very unbalance match.

              Us: 3SA 3CWA 1AA 2IA 1 iron sandbag
              They: 3CWA 4AA 3IA

              All their CWA looks no different than AA so pretty sure they cant win.

              And after putting back sandbag in, my alliance obviously get easier opponent. My conclusion remains the same, the WW matching change doesnt work.


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                Both our matches since the change have been fairer than the most before it, one rather in our favour, the next one in our opponent’s favour, but not hopeless. I think it’s working, at least somewhat.

                My reading of what Muet said was that sandbagging alliances should be matched with each other, rather than with teams with a fairer spread of players, not that sandbagging wouldn’t work at all. I’m sure a lot of alliances have so many sandbags that they lack space for live members, and so are still using at least some of them.


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                  5th matchup after 1 hour searching:

                  Us: SA, IAx2, GPx2, CAx3, Ironx2
                  Them: SA, AA, IAx2, GP, Ironx5

                  Uphill for us I think. Should be a good contest!


                  • Cannibals
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                    Our SA crashed with only 3 stars on their number 2. Fortunately their SA got 2 stars against our SA so we won. Good match.

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                  Its just total crap. we are nr800 in rankings and fight nr24 in rankings. Thats a horrible mismatch but on top of it we will lose 150 glorypoints. What a joke. Sandbagging still not fixed they have 12 space ages and 5 sandbags we have 8 space ages and no sandbags. Sorry to say but this game is getting worse and worse. Nothing being done about the cheating, nothing being done about the Assault rally. There is no reason trying to get into top100. Its only cheaters and pay2win there, pretty sad.


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                    Two wars ongoing. We have a better match than before, and both sides have their chances. We have a good mix of all levels. Glory points are also higher.

                    Happy so far...


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                      Since the matchmaking update, we've had three wars decided by 20 seconds or less. Say what you will about the time wars and the AR nonsense, but I can't argue that matchmaking hasn't improved. Our current war is the only "easy" one we've had. It doesn't look that lopsided on paper, but we don't expect them to put up much of a fight.


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                        6th war = Fail. 30 minutes to match.

                        Us - SA, IAx2, GPx2, CAx3, IAx2
                        Them - GA, IA, EA, GPx2, MAx2, CA, Ironx2

                        So far only 1 challenging match out of 6.


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                          We done 4 wars up until now, some looked like a big mismatch. We won 3 and lost 1. The los was on our own some team members did not use there attacks and we came short one star. We did 20 and 10 members wars.
                          So far the new system seems to be a improvement for us. 👍
                          Join us at Outcasts United. All ages welcome.


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                            7th war is a good matchup, less than 30 minutes search.

                            Us - AA, IAx3, EA, MDx2, CAx3
                            Them - AA, GA, IA, EA, GP, MA, CAx3, Iron