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    Do you guys read these comments Tin cup, Muet, anyone???? After every inane response I get a referral to the forums for more information and there is barely any here. Would be very good for you guys to engage with us to better understand and fix these match making problems.


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      Hey Usa jet! Yup! We're here happily reading along and hopping in when we have information ready to share.

      There have been a number of players who have provided some great insight (both here and through private channels) that has helped us understand the experience from your perspective. As you know, systems in the game can be continuously tuned and balanced, and matchmaking is no different. We'll be happy to announce more information on any balance changes as soon as we have them!
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      • Usa jet
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        Thanks Tin Soldier. I would appreciate much more transparency about what you guys are thinking. Clearly the matchmaking does not favor players and alliances who max at every level. I know we are in the minority but are die hard players who got the rug pulled out from under us. We would routinely win 75% of wars, now we lost 80%. If you are not going to make changes just tell us. Thanks.

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      Is that just me or this post was already made like 6 months ago and this system is already in play but the comments seems to be only a few days old?


      • {[Fresh]}Kratos
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        It's just you~ ( ^_^ )

        No, topic revival seems to be a popular thing on these forums. ;p