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    Do you guys read these comments Tin cup, Muet, anyone???? After every inane response I get a referral to the forums for more information and there is barely any here. Would be very good for you guys to engage with us to better understand and fix these match making problems.


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      Hey Usa jet! Yup! We're here happily reading along and hopping in when we have information ready to share.

      There have been a number of players who have provided some great insight (both here and through private channels) that has helped us understand the experience from your perspective. As you know, systems in the game can be continuously tuned and balanced, and matchmaking is no different. We'll be happy to announce more information on any balance changes as soon as we have them!
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      • Usa jet
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        Thanks Tin Soldier. I would appreciate much more transparency about what you guys are thinking. Clearly the matchmaking does not favor players and alliances who max at every level. I know we are in the minority but are die hard players who got the rug pulled out from under us. We would routinely win 75% of wars, now we lost 80%. If you are not going to make changes just tell us. Thanks.

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      Is that just me or this post was already made like 6 months ago and this system is already in play but the comments seems to be only a few days old?


      • {[Fresh]}Kratos
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        It's just you~ ( ^_^ )

        No, topic revival seems to be a popular thing on these forums. ;p

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      Alright, some additional thread necromancy here.

      BHG_Muet now that 15v15 searches are back, I assume that won't water down the search queues too much to negatively impact search times?

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        BHG_Muet - just an FYI that none of your replies are showing up on the forums to people. It shows that you've responded on the main page, but your responses don't show up in the thread. But, if you go to the list of your posts on your user profile, your posts are listed there. Forum problem?
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          and here is the proof.... But no message from you here...
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            Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
            Hey Usa jetsystems in the game can be continuously tuned and balanced, and matchmaking is no different. We'll be happy to announce more information on any balance changes as soon as we have them!
            Could you check if you are actually applying any balanced matching mechanism at all for 15 v 15 wars? We have seem some very good match-making for quite a long time now UNTIL we tried a 15 v 15 war yesterday, which is the most unbalanced matchup we have witnessed for like 3 years...

            We were also matched quite quickly compared to 20 v 20, which seems odd since 15 v 15 was just reinstated. So maybe someone forgot to apply the matching algorithm for 15 v 15?


            • Rogue Squirrel
              Rogue Squirrel commented
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              Yep, same here. Just tried our first 15v15 for a while and the mismatch is so ridiculous that it's laughable...….

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            I'll look into it today. Were any of the warring members high level Space Age players?

            I'm also not sure what is going on with the forums. I'll ask around and see if we can get it figured out. Apologies!


            • Rogue Squirrel
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              Us: 1xCW, 1xAtomic, 1xGlobal, 5xInd, 2xEnlight, 2xGun, 1xMed, 2xClass
              Them: 1xSA, 1xCW, 4xAtomic, 4xGlobal, 2xInd, 1xEnlight, 2xGun

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            Originally posted by BHG_Muet View Post
            I'll look into it today. Were any of the warring members high level Space Age players?
            Yes, one level 300, the other level 310. But overall it's a complete mismatch with 3 Space Age + 4 CWA vs. our just 2 CWA players. Especially with this being just a 15 v 15 war.


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              So in short you allow cheating- AKA sandbagging their bases haven’t been active for months even years yet troops can be donated to them and an active player cant until we update our game. Thanks for cheating players


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                US: 6 SA, 3 CWA, 5 AA, 2 IA, 1 EA, 1 Classical, 2 Irons.
                THEM: 12 SA, 6 CWA, 1 IA, 1 MA

                BHG_Muet So you guys still "suspect" what could be causing this? The ridiculousness of this statement is BEWILDERING. EVERY half decent player knows many defenses are not being accounted in war weight.

                Concretely, WTF are you people doing to fix it and HOW SOON? Oh btw GP split: 32/-288


                • SomeRandomPlayer
                  SomeRandomPlayer commented
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                  That's not so bad of a match-up. Granted the "many defenses are not being accounted" part has merit, and is unfortunate, but this match-up itself is not terrible especially considering there's a lot more to a person's value in war than simply Age.
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                Still your matching system for world war is absurd and unfair. Look at our current war. Enemy 8 space age and 5 Cold War players. Us: 4 space ages and 1 Cold War. They have it almost guaranteed with their 2 attacks or those 13 players. You need to understand that the first thing to match is same number of players in the same age. Everything else is secondary! Look their 11 th player got 5 stars from our 2nd player!!!! Absurd!!!!! Our top player is SA level 268. The opponents 11th player is SA level 300!!!!


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                  our 10v10 match

                  us: 2 sa, 3 cwa, 3 aa, 1 ga, 1 ia (total of 1 rocket arsenal)
                  them: 7 sa, 1 ga, 2 ia (6 rocket arsenals)


                  but hang in there people, tin has already mentioned they have a fix coming in the next update.


                  they just like to see us suffer in between updates is all
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                    Wow great news!! I can’t wait to try the fix of the fix of the fix of the fix of WW matching “system”!!!!


                    • joelegiao
                      joelegiao commented
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                      Yaaa let's hope the fix fixes the fix that they put on to try to fix the problems we had with matchmaking and wich already better than now lol

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                    Guys. Keep it simple! Because simple is better. WW are mostly defined by the top half of players. If it’s a 20 players war, the top 10 will define it with both attacks. So those first half top players must be matched the most possible: same number of players on each age! If it’s 3 SA in one side the same number must be on the other side. Regarding levels would be great to make them match more or less too! With that solved the most of us will stop complaining. My war right now is 8 SA vs. 4 on my side! My top play rated as 1 is SA level 268. My opponents 11th player is SA level 300!!! Absurd!!!