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World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

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    The proof of the pudding is the eating...

    Those alliances with hacked and maxed SA accounts will have to adapt to find a match, I believe... so some sort of an indirect fix for cheating/hacking is inside.

    Now those accounts needs to be rolled back a bit by the hackers themselves, lol, maybe the will auto report themselves

    Those 5 star hits with the Iron Age accounts is probably also history, unless the clean alliances will use sandbags. So also some sort of a solution against cheating.

    But for the likes of SWIFT(The Muslims)/GARUDA/Romania Stars we still need a strict policy.

    I'd suggest to give an opportunity to the Leaders to decline a match in the 1st hour of the Planning Day (max 3 times in a row, let's say). How about that?
    Cheaters can't attack


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      TinSoldier BHG_Muet . Improving defenses are totally desestimulated. The AR tactic Stats overloaded.

      -The actual AR (90%), protect more than a Protec Tactic (50%). The protect efect of AR have to be lower than 25% or 0%. To make the Protec useful again (Damage reduction)
      -The duration is exagerated too.
      -The speed boost at 170% is too much. 100% at level 4 tactic.
      -Attack Speed Increase have to be lowered
      -Damage Increase have to be 100% at level 4 tactic.
      ****But, you can convine the AR with a Protect

      Ex. Level 1:
      -Damage reduction: 5% (+5%/level)
      -Duration: 9 seg (+1seg/level)
      -Speed boost: 70% (+10%/level)
      -Attack Speed: 30% (-5%/level)
      ​​​​​​​-Damage Increase: 70% (+10%/level)

      Ex. Level 4:
      -Damage reduction: 20%
      -Duration: 12 seg
      -Speed boost: 100%
      -Attack Speed: 15%
      -Damage Increase: 100%


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        This is WW matchmaking topic though 😏

      • jagadeeshgarapati
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        Xabar stop spamming this message every where. i like your analysis though. tinsoldier might have already read your comment.

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        He only likes to mention 'them', let him do it if it makes him happy

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      I think this is a great system. A question: Glories will reset to 12000, but will this affect alliance Perks level?

      A BIG REQUEST: Pls put the 15v15 queue back. It's the most popular queue for my alliance and I think it's true to a lot of others.


      • moriador
        moriador commented
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        Glories aren't being reset to 12000, alliance scores are being pulled towards 12000. Its just normalising the scores, pulling them down into a smaller range. If you were above an alliance before, you'll be above them later.

        Alliance perks levels aren't changing, they are unrelated to glory.

      • Xabar
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        it is as moriador says

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      Migration is over ? we went from 19k to 13k glory points. We can start a new world war...oh boy...


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        You guys still have some tweaking to do. In our current match in a 20v war, our opponent averages 30 levels higher than us on the top 17 players. They have 12 Space Age we have 4. They have 7 players bigger than our biggest player. I spoke with the other team and they said they had been searching for hours. We searched for less than 30 minutes. Poor timing on our part I guess but it took us like a day to come up with 6 people to opt in to make a 20v war. Please bring back 15v wars and have a fail-safe so that this kind of mismatch cannot be possible.
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        • moriador
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          A failsafe of sorts would be to keep cancelling and restarting search for war every 10 minutes to make sure that it doesn't widen the search parameters for a matchup.

        • GailWho
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          Thanks we’ll try that

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        We spinning for over 24 hours no match with bags without bags ,with a mix ,without a mix of lvls etc .ww is broken again .i think 15,25 ,30 should be the ques and 50 for special wars.


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          Bring back 15 Men War
          Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


          • Spaceboy
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            you want 15 men ?? what do you want to do with them lol ?

          • No Angel
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            Take them to War! Conquer the world with passion and fashion!
            Spaceboy 😋