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Anyone else experiencing log in issues?

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  • Anyone else experiencing log in issues?

    Started a few hours ago with the chat disappearing, donation requests showing negative values, donated troops magically disappearing which is fairly normal for this game, now unable to contact server message has appeared.
    Maybe their fixing something, could it be possible, probably not.

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    There’s a lot of issues going on but more so after the this mornings normal utc change. Log ins take multiple tries.


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      Yeah, I am having a couple issues that I havent experienced before, or for this long. Chat unavaliable is new to me this week. Also today I haven't been able to donate troops, it keeps saying "Please Wait".


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        You guys are experiencing better issue than me then.
        My accounts is always stuck on splash promotion screen EVERY TIME I login. And I use both Android + iPhone to play. Both are stuck.
        Can't even reload because it will happen over and over again lol


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          i cant log into my alt right now. wont go past the opening screen.

          fixed by reinstalling. this might be the language setting thing again.
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            CW now can attack only atomic age with 11 artifacts


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              Yup chat and donation issues ... must be stealth release of inactive Space Age content. We’ll know for sure tomorrow if we see hacked pre-release content in battles.