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  • Space Age on the Horizon!

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    The team is still very had at work preparing for the introduction of the Space Age, but the race for the stars has already begun in DomiNations! We'll be using this post to call out all the Events, Blogs, and other special celebrations focused around the new age. Keep an eye on this page during the coming weeks for updates and new links. It's time to take your game from the Stone Age to the Space Age...and beyond!

    Sputnik 1 Event:
    Women of NASA Event:
    Objects in Space Blog:
    Space Age Preview Livestream:
    50 Million downloads & interview with Tim Train on Venturebeat:
    Space Age Teaser video:
    Space Age Update Patch Notes:
    Welcome to the Space Age blog:
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    Exciting times. Can hardly wait.


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      TinSoldier i'm in doubt if you are a star trek fan or you are just saying that space age won't be the last...LOL


      • SharkyFinn
        SharkyFinn commented
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        Same here. I thought of Buzz Lightyear.

      • Quagmire
        Quagmire commented
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        Same here. Looking like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz film being shot out the Silo.
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      • No Angel
        No Angel commented
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        Lmfao Quagmire! How dare 😆

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      Where is
      StarTrekAlliance ?


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        Still weeks? I am waiting for over a year now 4 spaceage. But i have to admit. The 2 times 5 minutes speedups and then the awesome 3 times 30 minutes today, were incredible. I have never been so happy.


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          Hmmm, interesting. What have we here?

          Let's examine the cool artwork...

          On the left, we've got D-Day DC3s dropping US airborne, an M26 Pershing tank, and maybe a dead Tiger tank in the distance... all WW2 era...

          But... how about the right side?

          On the right, there's an Apache AH-64 ground attack chopper... overflying an M1A1 Abrams tank... and high up a Boeing C17 Globemaster... possibly with a Special Forces HALO team deploying (am pretty sure about the first three but might be letting my imagination get carried away with the Special Ops team, lol)

          So we got some interesting new units coming our way...

          Any maybe (finally!) some new wonders too? A Golden Gate bridge? Kennedy Space Center?

          Interesting times... Great work Nexon... Can't wait...


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            If there is not a MASSIVE boost in troop power or the ability to still attack global no one will be interested in moving up an age.


            • Cannibals
              Cannibals commented
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              Maybe Global Age will stay ... well, global. Once you’ve entered the world stage, you are open to attack by all.

            • Quagmire
              Quagmire commented
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              Who would move from Industrial if they knew they would need defend against players 3 Ages above? 😧

            • Blood
              Blood commented
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              Does it make a difference to a global if they get smashed by a lv 300 cw or a sa. Dead is dead and it’s the same account doing it. That’s why you get a shield after you get 5ed.

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            So April 1st is the release date for space age


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              • Hansi
                Hansi commented
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                This is exactly what I was thinking as well 😂 Nowadays BHG can’t even release an update with few new features without a bus load of super-major bugs. I can’t imagine how many bugs we’ll see with the release of this new age 😳

              • NateTheGreat
                NateTheGreat commented
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                I surely hope that is not the case. Maybe all of the good coders and game designers have been working on the Space age and the Rise of the Heavy Tanks release was done by interns.

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              Building upgrade times limited to a fortnight would be nice too.


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                  Please leave it open to anyone. Please remove those unnecessary and stupid requirements of XP.
                  "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


                  • wrathchild_78
                    wrathchild_78 commented
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                    not possible. Don't forget the level requirement for CWA which is 220. Unless they also remove that.

                  • Excalibur
                    Excalibur commented
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                    Yep ,not possible .as mentioned above .but a reasonable lvl will be 260

                  • Savate
                    Savate commented
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                    Lvl 260 would be about 5400 players currently. That’s not many.

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                  Space age without 2 new nations ,American and Russian will be not in keeping with dominations history correctness
                  so hopefully we will see the race to the moon with these 2 new nations in space age update
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                    Originally posted by Blood View Post
                    If there is not a MASSIVE boost in troop power or the ability to still attack global no one will be interested in moving up an age.
                    Agreed about the boost in power. Otherwise it's just the same mechanics with a facelift.
                    And the same week-long upgrades with one change: they'll be week-longer!
                    Sour grapes make whine.


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                      Any chance we could get the level requirement in advance? It would allow us to prepare, and you guys would get a nice revenue boost as people scrambled to reach that level.


                      • wrathchild_78
                        wrathchild_78 commented
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                        yep agree 100%. that would be the most useful thing to do BEFORE the release...

                        Can we have an unofficial leak maybe ??? hehehe