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    While I know Marco has been a disappointment on many weeks, the only thing worth getting from him is troop chests. Is there any chance of changing it up? At least one troop chest a week or how about a tier program for rubies? I am sitting on 3k+ and it would be cool to save up and get something good. Maybe a 3 or 4 tier artifact chest, a lower general, a lower grade legendary artifact if you can max out your rubies at the alliance gate. I just think all of the 100 to 150 ruby rewards are not all that interesting.

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    What's wrong with the troops he is currently offering?
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      5 mediocre troop tactics. Not much of an offer at all. Still maxed on rubies even after getting the sepois.
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        So spend some rubies. Mediocre is better than nothing.

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      I would like to see much more offers that require rubies, that was the initial purpose of the Traveling Merchant feature anyway
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        It would be good to have an opportunity to make artifact rerolls for rubies.


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          I'd be happy if they just took away the chance of a 5min speedup from the speed up chest. Or alternative let me use those to speed ups on troop training because that is the only thing that that would be useful for


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            It has a cycle before we get better offers. If we have surplus, better keep spending a half of them when Marco arrives. Even when the offers suck lol.