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Better war match making? And question about sand bagger log ins

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  • Better war match making? And question about sand bagger log ins

    Maybe just a comment really. It’s nice to see the board change but since the decay went into effect our alliance has found itself in many, many ridiculous wars. I don’t know how the game determines the number but in this current war that will start tomorrow against Virus, we gain 954 or lose 154. They have over 3k more glory than we do so I feel like the numbers are very skewed somehow. I get there’s nothing that we can do and we will fight but what’s annoying is the 6 pure sand bags they use thus allowing them the advantage. Now to my question...

    I don’t deny that we use a sandbag mainly to fill the spot to get to 25 but even the game requires us to log in when there’s a update otherwise we can add them in. In the attached image, some of these sand bags haven’t logged in in some cases for over a year yet they still enter war and frankly I wonder if we can even attack those bases for the same reason as I’ve run into targets that can’t be targeted. Anyway thanks for time.

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    You can add those sandbags to a ww, but you can't fill their TC or SH until an update is done. They also can't receive unit to attack, although most don't attack anyways. And yes, you will be able to clean them out.
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      You really do need to sandbag in order to have a good shot at counteracting the seeming majority that do. I also think there is a correlation between savy alliances and sandbagging, meaning that those that do it are often pretty good players, which only exacerbates the problem.

      In my old alliance I used to get upset and call sandbaggers cheaters but I eventually learned that many alliances were simply forced into it because they kept running into this issue. If an exploit exists it’s just a mater of time before clever people take advantage of it and others must adapt or be left behind. That’s just the way it works right now. I hope the upcoming matchmaking changes will render this tactic ineffective.


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        Puppee are you promoting for Imageshack? 😆
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          Originally posted by No Angel View Post
          Puppee are you promoting for Imageshack? 😆

          No but if you click the link and use my promo code.......