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Pathetic World War Matching After Rebalance

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    It has started to happen to us in a way but not as bad as we do have 2 cwa bases though lvl 230 not maxed ones. I think it sucks for sure but all you can do is try to switch the people around. Either go less or more people or change the times that you start war and see if the opponent is different. The rebalance didn't mess up this already broken system it has only made it harder to attack bases. I think it's useless to not fight on purpose because you do the alliance a disservice by protesting. Worst case you lose your glory but at least try to get one star from bases you get one star from so your alliance gains experience and can level up.

    But it's true that the numbers are out of whack. I don't get how the game comes up with the glory numbers. There's always those wars that we only gain like 20 glory or potentially lose 800 and it's not that the opponent has all industrial bases, they have cwa/aa/ga as well almost similar to us. When looking at their total they only have 1k less than us but when we see such a low number we know that they cannot attack well and that has been proven to us time and time again. I doubt the game takes attacking ability that into consideration. In our last war where the opponent has over 3k more glory than we do, has 6 sandbags and mostly maxed cwa, how is it that we can gain potentially 994 but we lose 15?. And there was no way that we would even win that war yet our loss was fairly significant.