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10 second hack attacks in mp unresolved by Nexon

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  • 10 second hack attacks in mp unresolved by Nexon

    Hi all, I would like to share with all recent hack/ cheat attacks experienced in multiplayer and find out if other member of the community are experiencing the same attacks from exact same hacker(s) and through the exact same hacks. I know for a fact other members of my alliance are experiencing high levels of hack attacks in mp from exact same hackers and through the exact same hacks. Secondly, I want to raise this to Nexon as well, since in my view Nexon is not addressing the issue decisively or promptly enough.

    The hack attacks that my base has been subject to over the past couple weeks are 10-15 seconds attacks in multiplayer mode. They happen with 30-40-50 machine guns by atomic age or lower hackers on max cwa bases. Replay shows 0 percentage destruction (as you would expect from a 10 second attack), 0 stars; war log shows 5 star loss and circa 25-30 medals loss. Attached screenshots from my defense log have more detail.

    I have reported these to customer service regularly over the past few weeks (including screenshots of one of the hackers having on his base hundreds of workers) but the response I get from nexon is quite generic that Nexon is taking cheating seriously, etc, etc. This is not however backed up by Nexon actions or done decisively or promptly enough since the specific hackers/ cheats are still very much active (last attack by the hacker was few hours ago).

    TinSoldier is there anything you can do to provide a more comprehensive update on where Nexon is in banning these hackers and also escalate this in Nexon? I do not recall experiencing such high level of hack attacks prior to the last rebalance (as of right now the last 6 attacks AND 9 out of last 10 attacks on my base are all by same hackers and through same method ie 10 second hack with a cumulative medal loss over 200). I have requested Nexon cs to provide a comprehensive response and any escalation avenues but have not received any response on this (other than the generic copy paste cs response on taking cheating and hacking very seriously).

    If possible I would like to understand from Nexon

    a) whether they acknowledge or not these particular hackers (there are multiple data points from players, I suspect many other players would have been experiencing exact same attacks and reporting to customer service). Is it a matter of Nexon unwillingness or a matter of Nexon inability to take action on these hackers decisively (ie permanent bans) and promptly (ie within a few hours from receiving comprehensive reports/ proof, certainly same day and not days or weeks).

    b) what is the service standard / timeline you have in Nexon for banning proven cheats, can this not be done immediately? Is it an IT issue that you can not deactivate these accounts promptly? Or a resource issue (with people maybe out of office due winter holidays) or any other reason you can share why this is not actioned in the right way and in the right timeframe? From what I can see banning one of these hackers today takes at least a number of weeks which obviously is completely unsatisfactory and frustrating for the player community.

    c) has Nexon identified the root cause of this hack and are you able to address this holistically and if so when? The reason I am asking is to know what to expect in game, I suspect the particular hacker individuals would have access to multiple accounts which they develop overnight with these hundreds of workers and then proceed to ruin the game for everybody; so banning a single account through which the hack is done today is not a comprehensive solution since the hackers will just activate their next account.

    d) what remedies/ compensation can Nexon consider for affected players (after review of the battle logs of course)? In terms of remedies/ compensation, I had suggested to cs a number of avenues those include ideally reinstatement of the medals (through a manual fix if necessary) or provision of a large number of peace treaties to affected players so at least we put the game on hold until nexon resolves the issue, however long that takes. Another alternative is provision of meaningful crowns or other valuable in game objects such as any museum objects to players that have been materially affected. I am sorry to say the somewhat random provision of 300 crowns/ mail to cs (sometime provided, sometime not) is nowhere sufficient (at least for players playing the mp leaderboard component of the game since the loss of hundreds of medals will take very long time to recover by players at over 3-4k medals playing the game correctly in mp).

    From my perspective needless to say I have stopped all activity in multiplayer since obviously these high levels of hack attacks with the associated medal losses renders the multiplay leader board challenge unplayable, also have of course stopped any in game purchase of anything since I am extremely unhappy with the game as is today and Nexon actions (or inactions) in addressing what should be a very straightforward request.

    TinSoldier I would appreciate a response (on the forum or in pm). I have provided Nexon all the info I have, the logs and replays of these attacks with the hacker details are all available in my mp log as well for Nexon review, happy to speak as well if there is anything else I can provide.

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    This has been happening at classical age MP recently.

    I reported four times to CS “This player is cheating. My defense log shows an impossible 5 star victory using a handful of weak troops. The replay shows the actual battle lasting only a few seconds with no stars lost. This seems to be a recurring cheat.” and I include a screenshot of the defense log and the replay battle summary. The response is generic and they throw me a few crowns. Shortly thereafter each base appears abandoned, so I’m taking that as they were banned.

    I’m feeling it’s the same player just starting a new base each time as there only seems to be one at a time.


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      The same idiot keeps attacking me.


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        TinSoldier would appreciate a response to my posting above on what nexon is doing as regards this hacker and this hack method. As you can see from this thread, same hacker with same hack is rampant in the Domi community. For your reference also, attached latest attack on my base from few minutes ago. Thanks,


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          The same player I reported two time now, and nothing Nexon!


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            i dont understand one thing....this one player, specifically attacks the same people again and again? How can he do that?
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              He is top #13 in Leaderboard, and we are all high. I have max. Deff and some players skip my base, this player have cheat and 10s and five star is not a problem for him.


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                ok now I dont understand another thing....why nexon doesnt ban him straight away and be done with him....
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                Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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                  This joker doesnt seem to have a top Domi base to warrant nr 13 on the leaderboard. See picture.
                  TinSoldier can Nexon pls take this seriously.


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                    Two time I reported him, nexon give me 2x300 crowns. I got 600 crowns and the cheater is still #13 on leaderboard.
                    Now thell me, is this fair to other player?
                    I was hurt for a cheat attack, you were all hurt because I got 600 crowns.


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                      Hot off the press, latest sample hack attack attached. BTW and as a consequence, I have sold my well developed mp legendary item just now, so in effect gave up playing in mp, since with these hackers/hacks and Nexon inability or unwillingness to do anything about it the multiplayer dimension of the game is broken and becomes unplayable.

                      TinSoldier nexon should also hopefully look to work with customer service to have a better communication strategy with the player community. The standard message template that nexon cs shares after each reported hack that nexon is committed to combating hacks and cheats, etc is simply not correct or accurate, in fact is quite frustrating to keep receiving every time despite hackers continuing to operate/ thrive in game for lengthy periods of time. Case in point above hacker which has been active for weeks now at least as far as I can make out. Second suggestion please, the standard template response that Nexon can not share any details of their investigation into hackers due privacy laws (?) is also not adequate imo since it makes the whole hacker thing a complete black box from the affected player perspective. I can not imagine a standard update message in pm saying “Further to your report, Nexon has now completed the investigation of player Game Name Hacker123 and necessary sanctions have/ have not been applied” breaks any privacy laws.

                      In terms of the sanctions Nexon applies to hackers in game, what is Nexon policy generally? Is it arbitrary for each case or clearly set out so applied consistently across the board (ie for unlimited workers you get a rollback of x, for hack attacks on other players your base is banned, for first offense 1month ban, etc). Does it differ based on whether players are paying customers of Nexon (ie if you are a free play player you can not cheat at all, if you are a p2w player, maybe you are allowed to cheat somewhat but not too much, if the party reporting you is a big p2w player the investigation is taken more seriously and the sanction is more punitive, etc, etc). Do you have any geographical variations in terms of how you investigate cheaters and hackers and apply sanctions (there are notorious players and even alliances from certain specific geographies hacking the game and doing well out of it for years/ months as you may know, etc)

                      i look forward to receiving Nexon response to my original posting, on the forum or in pm at your convenience.



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                        Ok, if NEXON is not reacting or fixing that Cheat

                        How does this cheat work ?
                        Is it just to deploy machineguns for under 10sec and then stop the attack?
                        If yes - hey just lets do it all that way !!!!!

                        BEcause we can easily max out - and if thousands of players do it NEXON cannot ban or punish them all !

                        Ha Ha Ha Ha HA


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                          TinSoldier bump


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                            I have also reported this particular player to cs several times and for few weeks now, again same hacks as outlined above, conclusive proof of cheat/ hack, see attached (not sure anyone can count the number of workers on this base!), player is in top 15 on global leaderboard so easily identifiable but no action by nexon (he is still actively attacking through hacks, came across this particular base in multiplayer today itself, etc).

                            TinSoldier appreciate your help with this and a response at your earliest convenience, thanks


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                              I saw and reported (in game) Xinxin in the last few days as well.

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                            I'm looking into this account and issue. Thank you for reporting it.
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                            • FrostMr
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                              Why do these things need to come to you?
                              Why can’t CS handle them?
                              I would love to buy the mask currently on sale however what’s the point when this player 5 stars me every second day any how?