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10 second hack attacks in mp unresolved by Nexon

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    TinSoldier Thank you. How long do you expect this case to take until nexon takes action and removes these players from game? It is actually quite annoying to get attacked multiple times a day by these blatant hackers, loss of hundreds medals, generals, all defensive blessings, etc. The hacker has now been operating and has been reported for at least 1mth i think.

    for your information attached screenshots from few minutes ago, latest attack by this hacker now with camels from stable not the usual machine guns. Party is nr 21 on global leaderboard, his town centre base shows hundreds of workers (as attached).

    would be great if nexon cld take some action, thanks


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      TinSoldier for your/ nexon urgent investigation and action, new kid on the block or shall i say latest hacker. Is nr 10 on global mp leaderboard (obviously unobtainable for an atomic age player, level 164) and carrying out a flurry of these very short hack attacks (replays shows 0percent detsruction, 0stars, batttle log shows 5star loss and many medals loss, uses infantry as opposed to the machime guns the other hackers reproted above used, but otherwise attacks are very similar). I reported to cs also but I am bringing this to your attention also in the hope nexon can take actions against these clear / proven hackers much more quickly and much more decisively (ie permanent and immediate bans, hopefully we can avoid a repeat of the previous cases where the hackers with humdresds of workers were allowed to stay active im game for weeks/ months). Attached picture is pretty clear, replay of the hack is in my battle log also. Thank you,


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        Did TinSoldier actually DO anything - or was it just blablabla from him and all NEXON Stuff is ROTFL about us players ?

        I mean TinSoldier you DID TELL to look it up and do something!
        So explain to US, WHAT have you done at all?


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          As usual cheating is something that will be addressed in the really distant future.....see what we are not being told and why nothing is being done in war cheating and in multiplayer cheating is that , since it has gone on for over 2 years now there is probably about 50-70% of all accounts started in 2017-2019 using cheats alll the time and probably 40-50% of the accounts started before 2016 .this is around 40% of the total player base ....they can't do anything or the game ends ....due to lack of action only three choices for them
          1 they continue to do nothing to old hacks no retroactive punishment and maybe just maybe take steps against new hacks which I have seen no evidence of anything being done to anyone.
          2 they can ban all that have used cheats leaving the game without a player base that is suitable to get investment and probably lose sponsor ads also teams would fall apart as many would lose multiple people so then of those 30-50% would also just quit and within 1 year and the prices of the game going to the point no one spends the game ends
          3 they take no action and nothing changes this is the more likely event lose downloads get new ones lose more ger more


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            Whether they ban or no, they should at least close the existing cheats.


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              Just got 5* by cwa base called Never Die with 62 valiant infantries. Like clockwork,Gameowner gave me my usual 300 crowns and from cheater, a long peace treaty. Wasn't particularly active because I'm maxing all my generals and waiting out the time. I used to crown my upgrades but not these days even though I've 54k crowns still. If I speed up the process,I'll have nothing else to do when all my generals are lvl 69. Like I said earlier,I'm good with the compensation given by the Gameowner but I would suggest permanently banning bases that uses hacks and cheats. Banning them for a definite period will not deter them because they normally binge cheat/raid and upgrade after they're done for the day. They'll not be active again until their builts have completed their upgrading. So,they don't mind being banned at all. After the ban period they'll wake up and repeat and rinse. Btw,I hear archive have been successfully hacked recently. So,Gameowner,go do the necessary. Declare war on the cheaters by banning them permanently and save your(our)game.
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