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Leaderboard update: Decay

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  • Leaderboard update: Decay

    Nice strategy to beg people to play their game !!!!

    Wah what a strategy. You must be proud.

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    What are you so upset about, the posted changes should legitimately help the game


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      Wel nexon is wrong in a lot of things and i hate them for a lot of things, but the decay of glory is a fair attempt making the leaderboards up to date and not full of empty alliances.


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        I will say it's nice that they are doing something about the joke of a leader board but in all honesty it's a QOL change. It does nothing for game play.


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          the MM changes are more important than this one, bu is not a bad change


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            There's a lot of reason to leave the game so at least addressing one of them is good to see albeit something that has been a problem forever.


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              It's the 'routine checks' that interests me. Alliances will lose glory if inactive more than 15 days but if the check was last made 30, 45, 60 days ago?
              Sour grapes make whine.


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                I agree it’s a good change but you have to think why now. It’s because nobody is waging wars anymore after the rebalancing. When was the last time you got a notification to take revenge for an attack? I get it now. This is what they have come down to.


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                  I think we can just wait to see how it would roll.
                  I assume that the check will be made right when this new rule starts. So alliance that hasn't waged wars H-15 new rules apply will be rolled back to 12k glory. As well as those alliances who have fewer than 10 members.

                  For example : if those KA and Samurai alliances in top 5 leaderboard want to survive they must be refilled again, and/or wage wars 15 days before this alliance decay rules start to apply, otherwise they will drop to rank... 100k?! πŸ˜† Then they will have to wage wars again for the next 15 days cycle. I like this idea! I'm not a fan of leaderboard monopoly. Seen this monopoly in several other games and it just made my head warm.

                  Other option, when they announce the rules, alliances will be given 15 days cycle to wage wars and/or collect members or their previous glory will reset to 12k.

                  I haven't read carefully the post to study it. But I guess both options are possible.
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                  • Mountainking
                    Mountainking commented
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                    They will not be rolled back to 12k. They will lose SOME GP. Thus after each check, they keep losing GP until they reach 12k. It's probably a % of current GP or some formula...

                  • No Angel
                    No Angel commented
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                    That makes more sense Mountainking. Wondering how much they will lose, 1k glory at each time?

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                  Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
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