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    As we know, DomiNations has modeled many aspects of the game after COC. I don't play Clash, but a friend of mine does and recently told me about a new war type, League Wars. This is an optional event where you opt in your alliance. You do 7 wars in 8 days (war day overlaps with the planing day for the next war). So, all 8 teams battle each other in a round robin type tournament. You get one attack per war. At the end of the tournament, the top performing team moves up to the next league level, and the bottom teams move down a level.

    Also, participation in the event grants special rewards in the form of loot and speed-ups.

    Anyway, I'm probably doing a horrible job summarizing it, so here's a link.

    What are the chances of getting something like this, but possibly even better? (I know there are similar efforts being done on discord, but that's a bit cumbersome for some people)


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    I don't like the fact that Clash of Clans have this kind of tournament (which is actually awesome 😒, always hated CoC 😆 ! ) , and must agree that this is another alternative to flawed world war matchmaking and crappy glory-based leaderboard! However, we should also get rewards for winning 😃 and they should be more worthy than rubies!
    Second this.
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      this is nice idea. it makes sure top alliances play top alliances and low alliances play lower ones. and continues wars.


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        If it gets players to use up bought tactics and spend crowns you can be sure Nexon will do it. Otherwise, not so much.
        My current alliance, War Doctors, is simply the best alliance I have played in since I started back in April 2015. 🙂


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          Won't be any fun until they fix all the current issues with normal wars right now.

          When I say issues I mean cheating.
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            It would be a great feature. 7 wars finely matched, something we can't currently get.

            Pirates! would win all, no doubt.