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  • Battles Appropriateness

    First, I want to say that I very much enjoy this game. I’ve dropped BANK on this game and don’t mind.

    However, I’ve noticed mismatches when battling other players. I’m noticing it more now being Industrial Age and being matched with Global Age. These matches are not fun. I always lose due to the other player having resources I don’t yet have or own.

    could you, would you, please change this glitch PURDY PLEASE!!!??

    thank you!

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    You can always find another battle, you don't need to battle against global ages bases.


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      What is your medal count? If you are being matched against high level players, maybe your medals are too high?

      there are a lot more high level players at low medals now because of the rebalance. Maybe try going lower than them


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        Also, you get better rewards for attacking bases above your age. I am industrial age and I love getting matched against GA. The domination bonus is great


        • skychan
          skychan commented
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          If you're actually flattening GA bases with IA in MP congratulations. I guess you like attacking twice a day?

        • TheRealDimp
          TheRealDimp commented
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          I keep my medals below 800, so when I run into a GA base they usually have Classical or GPA defenses. I usually only lose a tank or two and some infantry.

          The training blessing also helps a lot. Even if I lose my whole army, I only have to wait 20 minutes or spend about 20 crowns to attack again. The only thing that really hurts is losing my planes

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        Or you could just stop griping and accept it as a way to challenge yourself & improve, and move on.
        Or have you failed to notice all this time that you've also been able to attack bases one age below you?
        Or were you one of those noble players that always 'nexted' when you came across an inferior base, I wonder?
        Sour grapes make whine.