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twice-in-a-row ww matches .. should they happen?

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  • twice-in-a-row ww matches .. should they happen?

    i started a ww today. we were matched with the same team as yesterday ...
    it's a bad match, they overpower us by a lot so it's a boring ww cycle.

    i ponder ... should we prefer it to be impossible to get the same team twice in a row?
    that seems reasonable because when this happens (it's happened 3-4 times in my memory) .... it's a bummer. people are dissappointed.

    so, i petition your opinion on whether we should ask nexon to disallow matches with the same team twice in a row.

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    We petitioned Nexon to let training blessing apply to air troops for over one year. Not a single comment from them. We asked to fix matchmaking and sandbagging for the last two years. No results. Do you really think they will bother with such a minor problem? They are too busy milking players with offers and rebalances.
    Work around it. Change your team's number or the hour you start searching for war when you just had a bad matching.
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      At least you didn’t get this war matchup


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        I believe it's bad luck: Since your two alliances are (according the fancy system) equally matched, and since you both probably searched at the same time, you got a second match. This happened to my alliance once before as well.

        What we typically do is wait for a war to be done, wait 1 hour, then spin it again. This gradually increases the war start time. When we get up to like 11pm EST, we start over at 4pm. This way we get some variety.

        For whatever reason, searching for wars in the early morning (like 7-9am EST) seems to match us up with Russians, and we've had bad luck with their use of Elephant Archers, etc.


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          We had three wars in a row with a Russian alliance that had unlimited Elephant Archers. Eventually I waited 12 hours to start another war to break the curse. I am absolutely in favor of not matching with the previous opponent, even if it means waiting longer.
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            The pool of teams doing wars, has decreased Significantly over the last year or so, due to the Inability of Nexons programmers to sort out the Matchmaking that THEY Broke, Waaay back... So Many 100s of not 1,000s of teams have just QUIT wars...


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              And after the new genious rebalance takes place, more teams will stop waring, or playing for that matter.