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Lost my town.

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  • Lost my town.

    My name is Vivienne, i had problems with the game, i have sent mails to Dominations, nothing much was done! they are playing ping-pong.
    This were my first problems:
    1. My customer service language in the game is Korean, how can it be changed to English, or what other languages are there?!
    2. In the Goals box, I donโ€™t have the video option.
    3. I have tried to link another device to the game, but when I open Link Device, only gives the option of new device, this is the old device but I donโ€™t have that option.
    No help, they have sent me a link, Korean also!
    I am a Co-Leader with The Immortals, started a war yesterday.
    I have tried to log in after it, it told me: good news, we have an upgrade! click upgrade, then it tells me that the item is not available anymore, i could not get in to the game!
    I have deleted the game, in the hope, that it will upload me to the same city. No way! I have to start from the beginning! No way!
    I would like to have my town back! I do have the info about my game status, and ID!
    Is there anybody, whom can help!
    Please! Please! Please!
    Kind regards!
    And I am the youngest girl there, just made the restrictions.

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    Hi there Eugene/Vivienne ,

    Have you downloaded DomiNations Asia in the App Store by chance? If you do, DomiNations Asia has a dedicated Customer Support group which Support Page is not available in English. You can still translate this page in your browser, if you do wish to reach out to them for assistance.

    Also, if you have moved your location from where DomiNations Global is available to a location where only DomiNations Asia is available for download, it is not possible to transfer your game progress from different versions. But you will still have your village back so long as you download DomiNations Global back in your device.


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      if only domi asia is available at the store and you need domi global: on iphone, log into the app store using a western account with a western credit card as payment option. on android, use a vpn


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        I had to erase my game, because a game update came up, i tried to do the update, but it was telling me, that the update is no longer available and it was not letting me in the game.
        I have sent my message to you.
        I am getting back the following:
        GM Delyc
        September 15, 2018, 09:54 +0200
        Hello there,

        Good to have you back, this is your Game Master Delyc of DomiNations support team. We really wanted to help you regarding your concern about your account. However, we can only advise you to contact Asian Support Team ( In case you can't understand the language of the web page, may we advise you to translate it to English using Google Chrome browser.

        Should you have other concerns feel free to contact us again.


        On that website, i dont get รงustomer service option, i have asked the gentleman whom sent me the message, a few times, to relay my message to whom ever can help, he just ignores my messages, sends me back the same mail.
        Is this how customer service works?!


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          Is somebody on this site, whom might be able to send my letter to customer service?!
          They can contact me on
          Please help if can
          Thank you!


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            Please help!
            Not much till now! ::-))
            i have tried all the above!


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              I would like to help but then I might get banned again for promoting cheat/hack! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜†

              Yeah the first thing to do is translating what that game support said in Korean to English, dear ๐Ÿ˜ What did it say anyway?
              Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                Hello No Angel!
                I did translate the page, there is no customer service on it, just an option for search for possible problems. This is it:
                And i don't have another link.
                Thank you!
                Kind regards!


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                  TinSoldier NxM_Suleiman might you help at all?


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                    oh so your original town was played on domi asia?

                    then open up in-game customer service, tap the button that says 1:1, tap the green button, tap the button that says ๊ณ„์ •(account). should be fourth choice out of five. then ask there, with all your info like name id civ age level alliance etc

                    back in the screen with the green button, below is the list of your queries and it also indicates whether they have been answered yet
                    Last edited by pckrn; 09-17-2018, 04:57 PM.


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                      NxM_Suleiman and pckrn had great suggestions.

                      Additionally, any player can reach our Customer Service team via the web here: There is a choice at the bottom right of the page that supports all western in-game languages.
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