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Nexon please rebalance the advantages of different nations.

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  • Nexon please rebalance the advantages of different nations.

    Nexon please rebalance the advantages of different nations. Greek and Japanese are the most affected

    Almost a year after the launch of the Cold War Age, we find that only a few nations are represented at higher ages.
    In the Ages, Global and Atomic, there is a great majority of British, while Atomic players of high level and Age of the Cold War, are mostly Germans. in the first case because the +1 range in its shooters, makes it easier to attack, and in the case of Germany, the Teutonic fury gives it an incomparable advantage over other nations.
    Could you, please tell us if in a next update, there will be a rebalance of the advantages of each nation, or everybody will have to change Germany, eventually ?NxM_Suleiman TinSoldier NxM_Catherine , NxM_Earhart, NxM_daVinci, NxM_Sejong, NxM_Saladin and NxM_Hiawatha
    Several of them, such as Japan or Greece, will fall into disuse. Since they have no offensive or defensive advantage over others

    For example
    In the case of Japan, its infantry could have 40% more attack. in a way to equate the attack power of the Germans 15% attack + 15% Teutonic Fury. something similar in the case of Rome
    In the case of Greece and France, that their tanks have a reduction of damage when they are attacked by bazoocas or anti-tank towers.
    Another posivilidad is that there are second special units, and that in this case they are units of factory.
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    japanese is far and away unambiguously underpowered and in need of help.
    every other nation could be improved, but the only obvious 'mistake' is choosing japanese.

    greek tanks are still valued by proponents; the main issue there is the secondary perks.


    • Xabar
      Xabar commented
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      Sure, that the main problem is the secondary perks, not the unique troops of each nation. the Teutonic furious, or have more trops, or have more alliance trops. Generate a clear offensive disparity betwen nations, which have to be compensated by addin more ofensive capasity or a more efficient defense.
      I think that is time that Nexon repair this disparity, to preserve variability in the game.

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    This has already been adressed in an old AMA an Twitch streem events - developers see no issue with nation balance. Their argument is that a lot of players chose Japan. They do not care about those players' age though.
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      devs are so unexperienced to hope for a balance of anything in this game, the only thing they understand is keep buffing defense so players keep buying Elephant archers and elephant stables
      if they try to balance something they will probably end up making it worse and more unbalanced
      they gave up troop balance long time ago unless a unit is being useful they nerf it to be useless
      am sry to tell u no hope of new nations nor balancing current ones they r busy draining ur wallets ^^


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        there was a twitch stream in which they mentioned maybe adding another bonus to underpowered nations.

        but personally, rather than the nations being equally powerful, being differently powerful would be better. i.e. for japan, instead of buffing the troops, they could buff their ability to protect rss. like have their defenders and defenses do twice the damage vs raider units? or grant a peace treaty with destruction of refinery? etc. even if you buff their infantry they will never be more appealing than germans. but if you buff their oil protection some people will find that attractive.


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          TinSoldier Could you elucidate some respect Nation secondary peaks balancing between Nations?


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            I completely agree. Currently, I'm in Atomic (and I'm French), and everyone else in my alliance is pushing me towards being German or British. The German Teutonic Fury advantage gets to be insane during wars, especially with 3x offensive coalitions. The British advantage isn't as great, especially as I'm seeing more CWA players using mostly factory troops.

            The problem with the Teutonic Fury and CWA players is the 15% rate is fixed. Now if your heavy tanks or bazookas are dealing thousands of damage, that extra 15% can be hundreds of points of damage. (Don't check my math ). As CWA players get higher and higher university research completed, it just keeps on stacking higher.

            It does suck when you need national trade goods, and it's impossible to find bases that have certain resources. I can't imagine why anyone would play as China or Japan or Greece beyond the early game.

            (Personally, I love being French for the training blessing and the high hit points for tanks)


            • KniferX
              KniferX commented
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              Teutonic Fury 15% bonus isn't ''fixed''. It is considered and implemented just like a library or university bonus. Random example, say a British player with aztecs coalition, library and uni bonuses gets gets 80% bonus damage on his howitzers. The German player with the same research gets 95% bonus damage.

              The bonus becomes less significant as you stack percentages. Still, the damage is good, rally speed is good, and it's one of the only, if not the only one bonus to have an effect on troop cards in offense. As far as I know.

            • Exiliado
              Exiliado commented
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              Germans get another major boost with APC's especially because their unique unit increases by 20% the base damage of heavy infantry to which other bonuses are then applied, meaning that German heavy infantry will always be at least 20% deadlier than their standard counterparts with the same applied bonuses (more than 20% when Teutonic Fury is included). Adjusting a unit's base stats is a distinct advantage of unique units and here, it couples with a nation perk to be even more powerful.

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            And Now,
            the Strategy & Conquest 6.5 Update make the unbalancing worse. Germany, now have strongest advantage in Cold War Age, due to the second CWA factory update.
            TinSoldier please, tell us how Nexon is going to rebalance the diferent nations.


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              I agree that a drastic rebalance is utterly needed among all game nations, both for their unique troops and for their unique abilities. Especially for the Greeks, their special abilities obsolescence makes them by far the worse choice of the game.
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              • Xabar
                Xabar commented
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                TinSoldier Could you help us? Nexon is planing this necesesary rebalancing?

              • shukra
                shukra commented
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                no, japanese is the worst choice. greeks have good tanks so are competitive even if in need of a buff.

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              TinSoldier NxM_Catherine . Could you clarify, if the nations will be rebalanced?


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                  How do I say this? I don’t think Nexon cares about the nation dynamic anymore after they brilliantly solved the British problem.


                  • KniferX
                    KniferX commented
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                    That silo sure showed those British players.

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                  We are working on a number of balance changes in the near future. I know the team will keep an eye out for how these changes also affect the different nations.
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                    First, Thanks for your answer .
                    On the one hand, I agree with the changes they are making, in which the great imbalance between attack and defense, which is in the game, would be partially corrected.
                    On the other hand, there are 2 things that are not correcting so far:
                    1) The game favored England and Germany, starting from global age, while disadvantaging Japan and Greece very strongly, Japan has no useful benefit in battle, and Greece with the appearance of very high level traps and the rocket arsenal , its only advantage in battle, the tanks, is useless. Germany being the only Nation, thanks to the theuronic fury that has a plus of attack in range sige and in all the factory troops, it became the only superior option in the Age of the Cold and Atomic War. The same happens with the advantage of +1 of reach in shooters, that has England, what turns it into an option of attack sumanete easy and unjust, is full of players England that only improved shooters and range sige.
                    These things and more produce a huge imbalance of numbers of players in each nation, which results in a lower diversity of types of attacks (which makes the game a bit boring), a shortage of certain national products, and that players of underrepresented nations receive a greater number of attacks.
                    Look at the table


                    Players Cold War Age Atomic Age Global
                    Total 19459 87254 101093
                    China 1757 9,03% 12551 14,38% 15547 15,38%
                    England 5812 29,87% 16649 19,08% 14750 14,59%
                    France 2871 14,75% 11279 12,93% 11911 11,78%
                    Germany 3690 18,96% 6929 7,94% 8045 7,96%
                    Greece 1017 5,23% 9509 10,90% 12682 12,54%
                    Japan 659 3,39% 9194 10,54% 12626 12,49%
                    Korea 1404 7,22% 7349 8,42% 8017 7,93%
                    Rome 2249 11,56% 13794 15,81% 16493 16,31%
                    Chi-Test 0,9996892773 0,9999988643 0,9999997025
                    -Recommend to disable the Teutonic fury in world war attacks, OR reduce the percentage in wars to 5%, to equilibrate nations

                    2) From the age of the illustration there are a number of extremely sub-improved bases, changing age should represent a certain challenge and permanence in age. See the following table. Clearly there should be a smaller number of players in each following Age, this is lost from the Age of the illustration due to the extremely lax limit of level to pass of age.


                    Cold War Age 19459
                    Atomic Age 87254
                    Global 101093
                    Industrial 210182
                    Enlightment 244392
                    GunPower Age 527506
                    Medieval 776550
                    Clasic 909035
                    Iron 281353

                    I suggest that you change the level limits to pass ages
                    Cold War Age 230
                    Atomic Age 180-190
                    Global 155
                    Industrial 115