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Fix Supplies or let Marco trade Researchers for Supplies

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  • Fix Supplies or let Marco trade Researchers for Supplies

    The community has given the details on just how bad things are with regards to museum supplies. We get too many researchers and benefactors, but not nearly enough supplies to upgrade anything. Buff the supply payout, or let Marco have some trades like 10 researchers for 100 supplies. The museum economy just doesn't make sense.

    But I guess it's not supposed to. $75 for a handful of supplies is a ridiculous offer.

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    Almost 2 months after Quo posted this article, situation still the same. I literally have thousands of useless researchers and benefactors. The math simply doesn’t add up. To unlock an artifact to level 5, you need 2.800 supplies but only 175 researchers and 200 benefactors.
    Make the researchers and benefactors useful: make them tradeable. For supplies, fragments or blueprints.


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      To make matters even worse, those with fully upgraded docks are punished. My CWA account has a max dock, and the expeditions that offer supplies only payout 30-something or 50-something supplies. My AA account has a mid-level dock (level 5 maybe?) and there are expeditions that offer 100+ supplies. How does this make any sense?


      • Bootney Lee Fonsworth
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        Dang, you got Blood all the way to AA already? Kudos.

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      maybe try to stay in dynasty league for hefty amount of supplies from victory chest and league boat


      • Manifesto
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        I imagine that's fine for a small percentage, most of us like easier levels for mp battles.

      • Krieg
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        I spent last few months in Dinasty 1 League. This is one of the reasons I have thousands of Researchers and Benefactors...
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      • Motaz Tarek
        Motaz Tarek commented
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        Manifesto it's all about ur needs, i find staying in dynasty league offers a better lifestyle for the game
        league boats and victory chests come with very rewarding prizes including CWA grade troop cards and the major problem was increased probability of losing all ur army which is less worrying now with instant retrain function

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      Finally have maximized expedition. I stay in level 6 anchorage which gives me at least 135 supplies per lucky expedition. Wouldn't want to upgrade further.
      Maybe I was just the one who never prioritized dock upgrades in the past, and voila lucky me?! πŸ™

      However, it will be super great if Marco could give a chance to trade anything with supplies in the future. Rubies, or trade goods?!
      Or, give a bunch of supplies per video ad.
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      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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        No it doesn’t; Shipyard lvl 7 had 81 researchers to 128 supplies.


        • No Angel
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          Anyways, the Wiki said Raiders were a good defender

        • FroggyKilla
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          Agree to disagree. Maybe you have an Android and iOS users get the short end of the stick. Not going to drag this pissing contest any longer.

        • No Angel
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          You know, women love arguments πŸ˜†

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        And level 9 shipyard gives max of 51 supplies. Upgrade your dock today to make it worse!


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          as far as i agree i would like u to delete this post cuz nexon didn't intend to make researchers and benefactors easier than supplies
          their next step after seeing ur post won't be making supplies easier to get but making researchers and benefactors harder to get


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            Some quick math on museum resource availability - assume you wait until you have a good (probably will keep forever) artifact before unlocking levels on it. That means 8 artifacts you will ever have to upgrade to max. Realistically 6, because pots are useless. Legendary comes with everything unlocked so far, so nothing there. And maybe you upgrade a few things to level 2 or 3 in the meantime before you get a really good one to replace it. It takes 2800 supplies, 175 researches and 200 benefactors to max an object. For 8 artifacts that is 22.4k supplies, call it 26k with a few false starts. For researchers and benefactors, 1600 or less.

            Supplies are available at about 250 a week in atomic - often more. With an atomic dock, two 6 hour expeditions to get 85 (51+34) each run twice a week is 170. And I get 50-100 supplies from the league boat or victory chest at least once a week, often twice. With those numbers, you will have the max you could ever possible use in about 104 weeks - two years. If you get 500 a week, it would be 1 year.

            Given how this game is designed to be long term play, and that it takes two years to get from gunpowder (museum start) to cold war, they may have intentionally scaled the numbers to take that long - doable for free play, but encourages payers to spend now. And even with all that said, to get 6 artifacts to level 4 is only 12k supplies - easily doable in under a year.

            The real issue here is how many ways there are to get researchers and benefactors, at numbers completely out of line with what you will ever use. Less than 1600 ever, so about 15x fewer are needed than supplies, and multiple atomic dock expeditions give those at similar numbers to the supplies. Easy to get far more than you will ever need just running expeditions for a few months. Then they are a complete waste of a reward, maybe even worse than the stupid recruits, and will clog up the dock, boat and chest rewards for no reason.

            For players who are too impatient to wait on good artifacts, they will upgrade more that eventually get thrown away. So either take longer, or spend some money to get supplies. But even they will never need more of the other two resources past the first few months, and will eventually stop needing supplies.

            The museum is not a well thought through addition to a long term play game. On top of the new resources that we will eventually be filled up with, I have stopped even crafting artifacts regularly, because the interface for it isn't conducive to trashing everything. Hopefully they fix that eventually, or I will just wait for another bonus blueprints event. But I am past the point where only 1 in 50-100 artifacts is worth looking at twice before trashing, and 1 in 10 of those is worth using. It might be 1 in 10,000 that is actually worth upgrading, I only have one sure keeper across three accounts so far.
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