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DomiNations Prime & BHG Present the Continental World Cup Tournament!! JOIN NOW!!!

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  • DomiNations Prime & BHG Present the Continental World Cup Tournament!! JOIN NOW!!!

    DomiNations Prime, in collaboration with Big Huge Games, is proud to announce the inaugural
    DomiNations Continental World Cup Tournament!

    Six regional teams, of 50 players each, from around the globe will face off in a double elimination tournament to determine a World Champion. All players Global, Atomic, and Cold War Age (level 150 and above) are eligible for participation. The first match is set to start in late-June (date / time TBA). Sign up before Friday, June 22, 2018 by completing the Registration Form at (if you need assistance please contact the Event Organizers using the Contact Form; please note that if you do not enter valid contact info when you register we cannot contact you to participate and you will be disqualified from the event). Don’t hesitate another moment; signup quickly as spots are sure to go fast for this landmark tournament!

    Each regional team will compete in a minimum of two matches, with matches roughly three weeks apart so as not to be an imposition on your own home alliance. Each competing team’s roster of 50 players will be selected prior to match ups from a pool of 75 registered participants. All matches will have coalitions allowed but no troop tactics will be used on offense or defense, nor event buildings allowed, in a true test of skill and strategy. Come join the fun, community, and challenge yourself against the best competition the world has to offer in the biggest worldwide tournament ever put together for DomiNations!

    Regional Teams

    Register for the team corresponding to where you currently live in the world, as follows:
    • North America
    • Latin America (Central and South America, Mexico, Caribbean)
    • Europe (including Russia)
    • MEIA (Middle East, India, Africa)
    • Asia
    • Australasia (Australia, New Zealand)


    Main Organizers
    Maggiepie (Nations League)
    Clint (ProdigalThieves)

    Team Captains
    North America: Clint (ProdigalThieves)
    Latin America: Sammy (Columbia Fury)
    Europe: El Shaarawy (Fire Warriors)
    Asia: ヒデ坊 [hidebow] (鬼嫁)
    Australia: JarZ (ProdigalThieves)

    Please enter using the Registration Form at and head to the Continental Tournament Website for more event information. To contact the Event Organizers with any additional questions use the Contact Form, or tag @continental in the #united-nations channel on the DomiNations Prime Discord Server, or give us a shout out on our Continental WC Line Group.
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    This sounds fun, but I sure hope the chat bugs are fully resolved by then. Alliance hopping is dangerous business right now...


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      TinSoldier sticky please.


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        Bro are there any Big rewards from Big huge game or Nexon


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          The Tournament is in full swing and boy oh boy have there been some amazing battles so far!!

          We’re coming up to Match 5 already- the first match in our Lower Bracket. And this one is gonna be a real fight! Read more about it on our official Continental World Cup Tournament website:


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            Hey everyone!

            Remember that time that Team Europe and Team Asia matched up for an epic battle in our Continental World Cup Tournament? It was pure awesome! We’ve got some highlights to share with you; check ‘em out on our official tournament website:


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              Gooooood morning, DomiNations!

              Match 6 is coming up between Teams MEIA and Australasia!! This will be the second match in the Lower Bracket, which means certain doom for another team in the Continental World Cup Tournament 😫

              Find out when things are going down at:

              We also have Teams Latin America and Asia meeting for Match 5 today! The end of this match will be the end for our first Continental team. Who are you cheering for?

              Join us on our DomiNations Prime Discord Server for all the real-time excitement!!!


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                A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Team Asia for their recent tournament win, and AMAZING EFFORT to a phenomenal Team Latin America! As this was their second loss, Latin America is sadly our first casualty and will not be continuing in the tournament 😢

                I’d like to thank all of the Latin America players for participating- you are a truly wonderful team and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to connect with such talent! 🤗

                This latest match of the DomiNations Continental World Cup was really exciting. Both teams played a great game! Everyone, please check out our latest post on the tournament website to see where Team Asia goes from here:


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                  Who loves announcements!? I love announcements!!! 😁

                  Hey Everyone! Start looking forward to Match 6: Version 2! After a slight re-sequencing of the Continental World Cup Tournament matches (, undefeated Teams Europe and North America will collide on the battlefield and their match is eminent! Get all the deets you can handle at:


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                    Here we go again, everyone; but this time we mean it! Match 7 is coming soon between Teams MEIA and Australasia! Which team will continue on in the tournament and which will face their second loss....and certain DOOM?!?! Find out when they face off at:


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                      This past weekend we had a serious battle in the Continental World Cup. Congratulations to Team Europe on a gruelling win, and phenomenal effort to Team North America!!

                      Everyone, please head on over to our official website for the latest on where these two teams are going in the tournament:


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                        Hey Everyone! Match 8 of the Continental World Cup looms over us like dark clouds bringing in a storm. Head to the official tournament website to find out when Team Asia will rain hell fire down, and wonder which survivor will be there to oppose them!



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                          It’s Continental World Cup Semi-Final time everyone!! Match 9 of the Lower Bracket has been announced!! Teams North America and Asia are up, and both are vying for sweet sweet revenge!! Check out our official tournament website for more details at


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                            Everyone, the time has come: Teams Europe and Asia will face each other once again in the FINALS of the DomiNations Continental World Cup for Match 10.

                            But WHEN!?! You ask....well that’s a very good question. It all comes to a head TODAY!!!!

                            Yes, my friends, today is the day these two spectacularly talented teams show us what they are really made of. Join me in wishing them both the best of luck! Or just cheer for your favourite team 😉😈