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Summer for the Ages: Favorite Features Poll!

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  • Summer for the Ages: Favorite Features Poll!

    What has been your favorite part of the Summer for the Ages event?

    EDIT: Thank you for all the votes! Thanks to your feedback, we have permanently increased resource production by +40%!
    You can read more about it here:
    Instantly upgrading Town Centers!
    Discounts to the upgrades in my current Age!
    The discounts to earlier-Age tech!
    The "Five Good Emperors" boost to resource production!
    Discounts on Crowns!
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  • #2
    The instant upgrade was the best, id do produciton boost as the 2nd best. Discounts were nice, but overall i find the summer of the ages "rush" to be meh.

    You guys labeled it as a rush and there was really nothing "rush" about it other than the TC upgrades that AA members didnt get GA only got 1 and if anyone did more than 2 they are way way out of their league.

    You guys need to start offering actual rushes on buildings. Id rather see a weekend event of 25% upgrade time reduction and no resource reduction.


    • master disaster
      master disaster commented
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      Agreed. Resources for upgrades are generally not an issue (except maybe oil); workers and the time to finish an upgrade is the overwhelming constraint.

    • Empire
      Empire commented
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      I agree. Discount on time for upgrades would be a massive help.

    • MartinK12
      MartinK12 commented
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      I also agree. Discount on time for upgrades would be a massive help even just once or twice a year

  • #3
    Yes to let the newer alliances catch up upgrade times need to be shorter on IA and GA


    • #4
      I vote for wall discounts!
      Ownage - Total Ownage!


      • Empire
        Empire commented
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        Yes, wall section upgrade discounts were awesome! Bring them back!

    • #5
      Walls. All about walls. The resources made it possible.
      There are too many cheaters out there to take glory & the leaderboard seriously these days.

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      • #6
        Vote for walls as well. Too expensive without the rush.


        • #7
          Great event and actually made the game a lot more fun when you could level up faster and actually find rushing with crowns to be valuable.


          • #8
            Voting for walls is all well and good, but it was the increased production which got me some level 15 walls and awesome factory troops, as Quali said.
            More gold, more food, MORE OIL!
            Sour grapes make whine.


            • #9
              Less oil cost


              • #10
                I liked the oil production boost, as it helped opponents have plenty of oil to steal too. However, the oil well storage is still woefully inadequate. I know the next uni leader will address that, but the base should be upped as well.


                • #11
                  Summer of Ages couldn't have been better timed, as i had just got my maxed out oil wells before the five good emperors event started . In the last two weeks of the summer of ages , my oil production was nearing 300 oil per well per hour (1500/hour approx) . Thoroughly used the opportunity to take my second (often ignored ) factory from level 1 to level 6 over four weeks. Had some crowns saved so that helped in timely crowning. The other factory went from level 6 to level 7 (TH are awesome) . The second bunker (which was also ignored usually) went from level 2 to max atomic (still upgrading) . Apart from that i got the castle maxed and HTMK5 and strike fighter mk6 researches going. Oh man, the last three weeks were crazy oil grind, incessant tactics and training blessings and 4-6 hours of gameplay a day . But it was so totally worth it.

                  I was getting the feeling that nothing would motivate me to get my second factory to level 6 from level 1 , but the way summer of ages was structured, it was a perfect opportunity to take any building from ground zero to nearly max. It was an altogether different experience.

                  Second good thing was taking nearly 15 wall pieces (lvl 9) and 12 gates (lvl 12) to max atomic. The base looks whitey and beautiful (atleast some sections).


                  • LordJestix
                    LordJestix commented
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                    I think i was able to save around 500k oil.

                  • Gargantuar
                    Gargantuar commented
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                    yeah , if i calculate it comes to around 800k . Just one regret of not getting second factory level 7 (Not enough workers or crowns) . But more than happy with five-good emperors and summer of ages .

                • #12
                  The Five Good Emperors combined with the discounted Walls was amazing. I was able to upgrade half my walls up 2 lvls and another half of my walls up 1 lvl.

                  With that said, walls are stupidly expensive. Its ridiculous. The only good thing about upgrading walls is that its instant.


                  • #13
                    I noticed they added a permanent 40% boost to farms, caravans, and oil wells. Thanks for listening to our feedback!


                    • #14
                      Originally posted by BeerMan View Post
                      I noticed they added a permanent 40% boost to farms, caravans, and oil wells. Thanks for listening to our feedback!
                      I saw the announcement but have not received the increase, at least not yet.


                      • #15
                        40% increase is nice. Now just have to wait for the new leader to get the much needed oil well storage increase.