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    Originally posted by LordJestix View Post
    Manifesto please tell me how i can acquire "unlimited" elephant archers for free to use in wars. Please tell me how i can sustain 36 cards a week for free?
    I don't recall mentioning any 'one' type of card or a quantity of cards, gentlemen. I merely said ''troop cards''.
    Was there any error in what I said?
    Personally I find it amusing that people put so much emphasis on troops cards, and elephants in particular. I dislike using troop cards because I can't retrain them. I will only use cards when absolutely necessary to win or for strategic distraction.
    If my regular troops can't get the job done, they might as well stay at home!

    Sour grapes make whine.


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      There is a problem with your reasoning.
      You say no one is forced to do anything.
      Say you have some ambitious alliance mates, and you all want to reach the top 50 or top 20.
      On the way there you will reach a skilled alliance that likes to fill the stronghold and use a bunch of good troop cards. And no you can be the best Dominations players in the world, that will not save you from the time tie breaker going to their favour.
      You can't get those same troop cards for free and win the match for free, basically the point that you missed from the previous poster.
      Thus, you are forced to buy troop cards.
      That is, by definition, pay to win.


      • Manifesto
        Manifesto commented
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        There's nothing wrong with my reasoning my friend.
        I'm constantly trying to stay positive, always looking for the good side to the equation. If others prefer to ignore that and focus on the negative, that's up to them.

      • KniferX
        KniferX commented
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        That way is simply unrealistic. Ignorance isn't necessarily bliss. There are good and bad sides.
        Realistically, good sides, Dominations is the least p2w of this kind of game I have seen (haven't played CoC) The devs have taken quite a few steps to lower the effect of the paid advantages to the f2p playerbase. Rubies system, events, bazooka sentry, expeditions. That deserves respect. These moves motivate me to stay in the game and be more certain it won't crash and burn like many other games have before due to the p2w aspect.
        On the flip side, the p2w aspect is still overwhelming at the top. You can't avoid it if you want to take this game competitively.
        And that is a realistic view of the situation.

      • Manifesto
        Manifesto commented
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        ''the p2w aspect is still overwhelming at the top. You can't avoid it if you want to take this game competitively.''

        I think you hit the nail on the head. If people 'choose' to take the game competitively, then it's also their decision to buy troop cards.
        Nexon isn't forcing them to take the game competitively, so Nexon can't be blamed for forcing them to buy things.
        But people will always blame Nexon anyway.

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      Originally posted by Manifesto View Post
      I just used that occasion to remind devs that NTGs are still in deficiency Have to lobby from time to time for more NTGs

      We have similar play styles, I also use troop tactics only when needed. But I must admit that using them in PvP is so much fun and I'd like to see them more. Especially those free low level troop cards, because I can drop 4 of them in PvP and have some fun watching them struggle against GA defenses And I don't regret using them for fun

      That's why I think they should give us plenty of those free low level cards just for fun. They won't make much difference in attacks anyway (although still they might help) but they add some more fun to the usual attacks and make game much more enjoyable on every day in PVP.

      I would also like to buy ie. 30x level 1-3 cards for $5 and have fun with them. But they don't do that "positive crazy" sales in this game.

      But I don't drop expensive/rare troop cards in PvP. I save them for wars because I have to but that's another issue...

      The bold parts are for devs so they can see it
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