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Robbed of crowns

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    Just putting this out there too.
    I've never had issues with getting crowns from Fyber or supersonic. The one time Fyber took a few weeks to give me the crowns I put in a ticket with their CS and got the crowns in a day.
    I'm currently taking my time finishing my last supersonic double-crowns offer. It'll be interesting to see if I get them and if they'll still be 'doubled'.
    Sour grapes make whine.


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      I have the same problem with "Blaze of Battle." I put in a support ticket to Supersonic and included numerous screenshots for proof of completion. They rejected my claim. I sent them a follow up email with additional screen shots for further proof, and I asked for more information on why my claim was rejected.

      It's been several days days and no response. :\


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        Same here. Experience with supersonic support was very dissapointing. I didnt get about 1000 crowns, yet i did send in screenshots and proof ... now i am even BANNED from entering the supersonnic crown offers ...