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    We are currently recruiting and looking for all round cool dudes to join our rag-tag bunch of Kiwis and friends from all over the world.

    we currently have around 30 active players (core of 15 that have been together for years). We have a few rules but are generally relaxed, easy going and fair.

    We war war constantly and have lv13 perks. Leadership is available to everyone and earned through participation. 3-4 of us rotate the leadership and the ‘alliance’ always comes first! We’re looking for active players and don’t want people who are just looking to park up.

    Tahi Kintree is our current leader. If this sounds like a bit of you, please come drop by and say hi. We’re a friendly bunch and will welcome you warmly!


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    Would also consider an alliance merge with another small alliance. Please reply here or send an envoy in-game