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Found someone using cheat while looting.

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  • Found someone using cheat while looting.

    One of my friend said that i will be able to get a prize if i report a bug/cheat but not sure where to send my complaint.

    I found this base with all of it's building are for upgrade with only 5 house and i'm pretty sure he/she is using cheat.

    I have a screen shot and want to report it.

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    Open the Settings Menu and click Customer Support. Click the Contact Us button.

    You won't get any rewards for reporting cheating, those days are long gone because there are so many.


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      They might ask you to send a screenshot to give them details, but if you do not have it, then they would ask you to give details of the hacker. Reporting hackers is to make the game safe, not so that you can easily get a reward after that