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Happy belated New Year!!!

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  • Happy belated New Year!!!

    Happy new year, dear friends, wish yall lots of health (because who wants to play when feeling sick), lots of money(to spend on EA and bazooka sentries), lots of luck(because some of yall dont got no skills and need it), lots of positive emotions (because theres a lot of negativism in the forum) and thats pretty much it!

    Would have wished it a bit earlier, but with all these bans running along, its kinda hard :/

    P.S. Im really happy to see the same people who threatened to quit, to not only continue playing, but to be even more active on the forum than before!!! I knew you were just playing and wouldnt just quit :P Besides, what you gonna do anyway? Play Candy Crush? Nuh huhh :P

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    Happy belated new year, brat! 🤗
    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.