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Nexon is going the wrong direction.

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  • Nexon is going the wrong direction.

    Dear friends of Dominations,

    I undoubtedly love Dominations like all of us here. However, many others and I notice a game that is increasingly and aggressively transforming into a pay to win game like all the other games we know.

    1) Nexon tells us how great the new troops are we gained from the winter events. What they didn’t say is that in exchange they nearly completely cut off the TT box we used to get from Marco Polo.

    2) During the winter event update they cut down the crown farming from ~5 crowns to 2-3 crowns when watching a video.

    3) During the latest unsuccessful update, they completely terminated crown farming.

    4) When you want to buy TT u first need to buy level 1 offers before u can get to level 2 TT which are better offers and then comes level 3 and 4 etc.

    Generally, it can be said that whenever there is an update they take something away from the players so we better pay for this ****. This is not the way to go and Nexon reminds us that we are just Nrs, generating profits which is okay, it is now up to us how to deal with this matter. They first establish something and then take it away from us, that is what gets me.

    What are your thoughts on the changes?