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Return to the High Seas! (Expedition Balance)

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  • Return to the High Seas! (Expedition Balance)

    Citizen costs and times for Expeditions will no longer increase as you level up your Dock. Though low-level Expeditions have become a little more expensive, high-level ones are now much cheaper.

    All Expedition destinations and rewards will remain the same. Now, each Expedition will only take between 6 hours and 2 days, and only require 2 to 4 citizens.

    Upgrade your Dock and explore the high seas today!
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    You should encourage the upgrade of farms and caravans from the global age, because they cost too much citizens and time, and have low increase of production.


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      Agree 100%

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    Thank You TinSoldier ​​​​​​, ​I appreciate dock update - finally it's worth to spend some citizens for this feature

    If I could suggest 2 more things
    1. DOCK
    With increased dock level all expeditions from previous dock levels should be still available. When someone is IA, GA or AA that means he is stuck in the same age for months, up to 2 years, which means he has same boring expeditions non-stop. It would be nice to have all expeditions available to bring some freshness to dock. I think we should have 5 slots and draw those 5 expeditions from all available expeditions since dock level 1 to current dock level.
    I'd like to see those cheap troop tactics from dock levels 1-3 in high level war just for fun, or use them in PvP battles more often.

    2. UNIVERSITY MEANINGLESS RESEARCHES - It's the similar problem as with docks so I wrote about it here:
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      Why increase lower level expeditions? We weren't the ones being crybabies about the shipyards. Guess I need to start raising cain about unjust lower levels getting shammed? How in the phuk do you expect noobs to get addicted to DomiNations with this atrocity?

      Guessing I'll BOYCOTT your dock! Oooo theres that word y'all hate so much, lmfao!
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        Membri attivi, in guerra, nelle donazioni, che collaborino al progresso e sviluppo dell'alleanza.... Italia Top10
        l'esperienza del leader non manca.liv 151 eta industriale(max con tutto) e con tante battaglie vinte nella guerra (1300 stelle vinte in war).
        Chi vuole non partecipare alle guerre puo rimanere e crescere tranquillo.i consigli non mancherano e in pocco tempo diventate esperti nell gioco.
        Invece per quelli che vogliono partecipare nelle guerra sara 1 war ogni 2 giorni e sicuramente saranno vinte sotto il comando del leader Gulio Cesare.
        Per quelli piu attivi e che vogliono cariche saranno anche i gradi finche avranno l'ultimo,quello di CO-LEADER
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          Dad's Army No 1 needs YOU.


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            I always keep two Citizen free so I appreciate dock update, sending them before i sleep for a 6 hours Expeditions is