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How long should i wait for getting members for my alliance

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  • How long should i wait for getting members for my alliance

    Hi! We just make a fresh alliance named Little Champs.....Can there is any tips on how to get members quickly....Please Share your opinion with us....Thanks

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    bring your alliance and join mine! we are Excelsior, we like to war and help new members develop and be the best they can be. We're super friendly and like to have a good time. Look for Kal-El


    • Rohit
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      Thanks for writing us....But we want our alliance...Sorry we can't accept your proposal

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    Hi Rohit, If I remember correctly it took us a little over a month to get up to 10 players for our first world war. We won the first couple of world wars we did making it easier to recruit. Some where around our 10th World War win we were ranked by Nexon as a good entry level alliance and the flood gates opened we went from 15 members to full in a few hours. The tricky part was getting those first 10 members and winning the first few World Wars.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey.


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      Alleanza Italia Top10
      è un progetto di consolidare una alleanza perfetta dove regna amicizia...sara un mix di contadini e guerrieri
      Membri attivi, in guerra, nelle donazioni, che collaborino al progresso e sviluppo dell'alleanza.... Italia Top10
      l'esperienza del leader non manca.liv 151 eta industriale(max con tutto) e con tante battaglie vinte nella guerra (1300 stelle vinte in war).
      Chi vuole non partecipare alle guerre puo rimanere e crescere tranquillo.i consigli non mancherano e in pocco tempo diventate esperti nell gioco.
      Invece per quelli che vogliono partecipare nelle guerra sara 1 war ogni 2 giorni e sicuramente saranno vinte sotto il comando del leader Gulio Cesare.
      Per quelli piu attivi e che vogliono cariche saranno anche i gradi finche avranno l'ultimo,quello di CO-LEADER
      Siete il benvenuti nell'alleanza Italia Top10
      Click image for larger version

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      • Rohit
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        please reply us in English language...I can't understand what you wan't to tell?