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  • Replay issues

    I just watched a replay against our war base where the replay shows 3 stars while the war result shows 5 stars. I don’t think there was cheating involved ... it is easy to see exactly where in the replay the attacker triggered a rally on a a blank spot on the map where likely during the actual battle there was a building. In the actual battle the nearby troops would have quickly destroyed the building and the remaining troops everywhere would have sped up to finish off the base. But in the replay, the building didn’t exist, so every troop left what they were doing and sped across the entire map to the rally point.

    Replays are only good to reveal what could have been, not an actual battle. I wish Nexon would fix it.

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    This is known bug, or maybe we should call it a feature. Replays are not movies, the game refights the battle and puts in a record of all your inputs, but just occasionally glitches, changing the outcome. The original result is what counts for the score.