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A New Type of Cheat?

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  • Guinevere
    started a topic A New Type of Cheat?

    A New Type of Cheat?

    Searching for info on low level players who join an alliance, go to war and then five star space age. This is not an alliance complaint - mine just fell victim to this type of cheat and we don't want them. Don't know how to identify before they go into war and then ruin the play for everyone. Is this a new hack and can it be stopped?

    We are NOT amused.

  • Rogue Squirrel
    Not new unfortunately, this type of cheat has been around for a while. There's no way you can tell how new players are going to attack until it's too late unless you ask them directly if they're going to cheat. We had an iron age account join our alliance and promptly take out the 1 and 2 in the next war. I told them that if they wanted to stay they'd have to stop cheating and they left the alliance - so much for rehabilitating cheaters!

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