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  • cheaters

    @tin soldier, we keep reporting obvious cheaters WITHOUT any action from Nexon, bringing some proofs.
    ex: half of Ukrainian Home team are cheaters with tons of coalitions lvl8 with pathetic bases.
    this guy with his XP rise during summer time after having downgraded for cheating before summertime.

    either nexon is taking cheating seriously or Nexon will go bankrupcy. cheating is encouraged by nexon by doing nothing. this game is a pay to win game so with lot of money.
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    gamer to be banned is mayor lvl313 from Ukrainian Home. half of this team needs also to be banned


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      Have to say Im getting really offended seeing this obvious cheating just growing stronger and stronger with no or very little actions taken when at the same time they have the nerve to charge $200 for war artifacts that is not achievable in any other way.


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        Over the last 2 weeks we have seen a lot of cheating in wars, this has included;
        - Iron Age take 5 stars off SA, the replays show 0 stars but the war result shows 5. These 3 late attacks changed a lost war for them into victory
        ​​​​​​- multiple attacks with 13 planes, they had tc’s as well
        - don’t know how they have done it, they have a base when attacked it crashes the game. This happened 3 times over 23 hours and think has happened before against this base in previous war
        - some alliances know who to replenish tc’s, been attacked by multiple night hawks in about 3 wars, at least one of these know how to do this as a previous member called it out before the war (they quite the alliance after 1 war with them and reported it)
        Let’s hope it is sorted yourself nothing seems to happen. Think the last point is why a lot of high level bases do not war


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          Very clear that Nexon has stopped taking action. Some very obvious cheaters that I’ve been reporting for over a month with no action. Probably going to be the reason I finally hang it up.
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            I don't bother with war precisely because of the cheating. I'm a maxed SA with with most of the legendary war artifacts that matters. But what's the point of warring if an iron age can 5* my base? So I just play in MP and smash whatever base including SA that has what I want. Occasionally some cheaters will 4* my base with 6 bazookas and give me peace treaty while Nexon gives me 300 crowns. I've no problems with that. When I attack in MP,I go all in and make sure whoever as$ whooped gets a free long peace treaty. Nope,the future isn't that grim with players like me. I know how to manage my expectations and make the most out of this game. And in life too


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              Don’t cheat BHG doesn’t like competition


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                Atomics are a rare species in Dynasty. Perhaps I should drop medals and climb down from my lofty perch so that I can pound on my meaty bosoms


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                  What is happening

                  Archive is hackable so that is where the max bases are coming from that in combination with the workers hack
                  War Power of troops and Defense changes the HP and damage
                  Duplicating cards for both stong hold and for offence 1 card can make unlimited for a unlimited amount of time unless a mistake is made during the hack .
                  Crash bases though not a cheat in and of itself it was however started by teams using the card hack vs teams with the card hack so no one lost anything it wasn't until it caught on that it's in every war.
                  Over powered vickers bombers and regular bombers 4 bombers 4 Vickers 2 Assult rally and 5 sabo can kill absolutely any base in less than 2 mins and once again given the ammount of Vickers available per month it is impossible to use 4per attack for 30 days unless they are hacked cards

                  Because this post is called cheating watch absolutely noone will respond to it ,


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                    This information further strengthens my resolve not to bother with war and to keep my spending to a minimum. Finding other means of entertainment isn't very hard.


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                      Happy to investigate this Alliance. Thank you for those who have reported these bases to our CS team.

                      Please keep in mind that while 3rd party tools can be useful in some situations, they may not include the full picture on accounts. Thanks!

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