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Perte de troupe lors plantage serveur

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  • Perte de troupe lors plantage serveur

    Bonjour, deux fois aujourd'hui problème avec le serveur. Le jeu redémarré et puis j'ai perdu mes ressources et toutes mes troupes qui étaient en mode attaque de village. Je fais quoi maintenant ? Je dois toutes les refaire. Vous devriez nous les redonner car le problème vient du serveur.
    Merci et bon jeu à tois

    Hello, twice today problem with the server. The game restarted and then I lost my resources and all my troops who were in village attack mode. What do I do now ? I have to redo them all. You should give them back to us because the problem comes from the server.
    Thank you and have fun
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    Tou Toune is suggesting that if the game crashes during an attack we should automatically get all our troops back as this is usually a server side problem. Quite a reasonable request in my opinion but I don't know if it's possible


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      Most of the times when I complain about a crash I get 100 crowns. Not always but it's better than nothing. But I agree the troops should be retrained immediately.


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        I get told that they can't do anything about it. If you were using special troops then you're SoL. I know they can give you any troop they want but that's the thing. They don't want to.